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Practical Succession Planning for the Family-Owned Business

Family business succession planning checklist

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ara homework club Attendance at homework clubs soon could rival the family planning turnout for more traditional afterschool offerings. The clubs give students the help and structure they need to poetry, complete assignments. Included: Descriptions of how homework clubs are organized. Often when youngsters get around to starting their homework, distractions from television, computers, friends, and family make studying a challenge and help is not available. So more students are doing their homework in places other than home, such as school-, library-, and community-sponsored homework clubs. After-school homework clubs are growing in many communities, with most of them focused on elementary and middle school students. Clubs meet at least one day a week after school and are supervised by teachers or faculty members and checklist volunteers.

Students receive general academic help and/or homework assistance. While some homework clubs are more formal than others, most allow students to attend whenever they feel the need. The programs are geared not only to children having trouble with schoolwork, but those who find it hard to concentrate at home or have no one to poetry, provide homework assistance. We try to re-enforce concepts and the instruction from family succession checklist, class, said Damiano Russo, assistant principal of Dearborn Street Elementary School in Northridge, California. Defender! We have a diverse population, and many parents working two jobs. We want to be available for the students. Family Business Planning! Sometimes teachers will recommend the club to parents if their children are having trouble concentrating at foulcher poetry essay home. Business Succession! The Dearborn club meets for 90 minutes four days a week, and essay is staffed by a teaching assistant and a volunteer, who familiarize themselves with classroom assignments. About 25 children attend each day. It's goal-directed, we try to minimize distractions, Russo added. Suzanne Piotrowski, a learning disabled specialist at Beech Street Elementary School, in Manchester, New Hampshire, said her school's homework club for business succession, third through fifth graders is essay magic, equally popular.

The club meets for an hour after school, three days a week, and draws about 60 students each week. Students get tutoring and help completing homework, Piotrowski told Education World. Some just do homework and some need re-explanation. School officials had hoped more special education students would attend, but the club has been more popular with mainstream students. The school started the club because a fifth-grade teacher started helping some students after school who she knew had trouble doing homework at home because of noise or other difficulties, according to Piotrowski.

MIDDLE LEVEL HELP. The move to middle school also can mean a big change on the homework scene, and the homework club at Granite Mountain Middle School in Prescott, Arizona, has been so heavily attended that the school had to find another teacher for seventh graders, said Marilyn McCready, the school's library media specialist, who oversees the homework club. It's very popular and more popular after report cards come out, McCready told Education World. About 60 students attend every week. Students meet in succession planning checklist, classrooms with one of foulcher poetry essay four teachers, three of whom are math teachers and one a science teacher. McCready said she recruited math teachers because that is the subject with which students have the most difficulty. One reason our homework club is successful is family planning, that the teachers maintain it like a regular classroom, she added. They expect the students to egg drop lab essay, be working and quiet. Granite's club also meets for an hour after school two days a week, and business checklist has a drop-in policy.

The only requirement is that once students show up, they must stay for the whole hour unless a parent comes to magic, pick them up. We've made it as easy as we can. Teams at family business Bennet Middle School in essays, Manchester, Connecticut, also organize homework clubs, and set up a schedule for staffing them, said language arts teacher Jenna Brohinsky, team leader for the Royal 7's, a seventh grade team. Students can come for an hour of help after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and business succession planning some get a chance to essay magic, work in the computer lab, Brohinsky added. INTO THE COMMUNITY. In some cities, community agencies have taken the lead on homework clubs. Business Checklist! Libraries in Sandwell, in poetry essay, the United Kingdom, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for example, sponsor clubs.

The Toronto Public Library operates the Leading to Reading program to help youngsters improve reading skills and business succession homework clubs in 33 of its 99 branches. The Toronto clubs are more formal than some of the after-school programs in the U.S. Students in prize, second through sixth grade sign up for the program, and the library arranges for a volunteer to meet with the student at the library once a week at a specific time for between 60 and 90 minutes. Library staff members recruit, screen, and train the volunteers, who range in family planning, age from high school students to thesis prize, senior citizens. Some library branches have been fortunate to family planning, get volunteers from nearby York University, which has a teacher education program. The volunteers provide assistance on a one-to-one or one-to-two basis, and paid monitors oversee the volunteers. Last year about 347 children participated in essay, the homework clubs and Leading to family succession, Reading programs, said Cathy Thompson, east region coordinator for essay, the Leading to Reading and succession Homework Help programs of the Toronto Public Library. Every branch has a waiting list, said David Kondo, Leading to Reading and Homework Help program coordinator, for the west region of the library. We are limited by yeats magic, space, the number of volunteers, and the salaries of the family business succession site monitors.

This year, the library started a homework program for essay magic, teenagers, because so many who had participated as elementary students came back seeking help, said Joanne Hawthorne a specialist in children and teen services for the Toronto Public Library. Teen clubs started this year in six branches, and also involve volunteers doing one-on-one tutoring, Hawthorne told Education World. Family Business Planning! While originally aimed at baby essays high school students, some clubs have been opened up to family succession planning, seventh and eighth graders, she said. HOW MUCH IS IT HELPING? While the supervisors have not done studies on the effectiveness of the homework clubs, the feedback from teachers has been positive. Anecdotally, we've heard positive things, but we haven't done any follow-up studies, said Russo. Essay Magic! Classroom teachers report that more homework assignments are being done when kids go to homework club. So far it has been a very positive experience, and well-worth the investment.

Teachers do say at family business least some kids who were not getting their homework in are doing it, added McCready. Toronto library staff members have seen homework club students make big gains, Kondo said. In some cases, the egg drop lab essay results have been spectacular, he told Education World. Certainly, a student could go from a C to a B. The fact that the volunteer sees the same child week-to-week means they get used to each other. And any time a child can get individual help, it is great. Submit your own lesson plan for a chance to receive a FREE $50 Classroom Supplies Gift Card!

Receive timely lesson ideas and PD tips. Sign up for our free weekly newsletter and receive. top education news, lesson ideas, teaching tips and succession planning checklist more! No thanks, I don't need to essay explication, stay current on what works in education! COPYRIGHT 1996-2016 BY EDUCATION WORLD, INC. Succession Planning! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Self Directed And Life Long Learning. The purpose of this essay is to explore and evaluate an aspect of teaching and learning and the following topic of; ‘self-directed/lifelong learning’ is the authors chosen subject. This essay will determine knowledge of this chosen aspect of teaching and learning, critically evaluate the concept of self directed and lifelong learning from the authors own perspective an a nurse educator. We will write a custom essay sample. on Self Directed And Life Long Learning or any similar. topic specifically for you.

The essay will also identify and consider challenges that arise in the application of self-directed and family business succession lifelong learning, identify areas where this chosen topic will assist in bridging the theory practice gap, as well as identifying outcomes for john foulcher poetry essay, patient/client care. The central question of how adults learn has occupied the attention of scholars and practitioners since the founding of adult education as a professional field of practice in family succession planning checklist, the 1920’s. Some eighty years later, we have no single answer, no one theory or model of adult learning that explains all that we know about adult learners, the various contexts where learning takes place, and the process of learning itself. What we do have is a mosaic of theories, models, sets of festival essay english principles, and explanations that, combined, compose the knowledge base of planning adult learning. Two important pieces of that mosaic are andragogy and anchor self directed learning (Merriam, 2001).

Knowles (1980, p. Business Succession? 47) proposed a programme planning model for anchor, designing, implementing, and evaluating educational experiences with adults. Knowles suggested that the succession planning, adult classroom climate should be one of poetry essay “adultness,” both physically and psychologically. In an “adult” classroom, adults “feel accepted, respected and supported”; further, there exists “a spirit of mutuality between students and succession planning checklist teachers as joint enquirers”. And because adults manage other aspects of essay their lives then they are also capable of directing, or at least assisting in planning their own learning. Knowles himself came to concur that andragogy is less a theory of adult learning than “a model of assumptions about learning or a conceptual framework that serves as a basis for an emergent theory” (1989, p. 12). This acknowledgement by Knowles resulted in andragogy being defined more by the learning situation than by the learner. Page 2 Self Directed And Life Long Learning Essay.

About the same time as Knowles introduced andragogy to North American adult educators, self-directed learning appeared as another model that helped define adult learners as different from children. Based on the pioneering work of Houle, Tough, and Knowles, early research on self-directed learning was descriptive, verifying the widespread presence of self-directed learning among adults and documenting the process as it occurred (Merriam, 2001). Houle, 1996, p. 29) stated that what is business succession planning significant is prize that andragogy has alerted educators to the fact that they “should involve learners in as many aspects of business succession planning their education as possible and in anchor essays, the creation of a climate in which they can most fruitfully learn”. What Merriam and Caffarella (1999) term “instructional “ models of the process focus on business succession, what instructors can do in the formal classroom setting to foster self-direction and student control of learning. Egg Drop? Historically, in relation to nursing education, the term learner-centred education did not appear frequently. This may have been attributed to the previous accepted nursing curriculum and prejudice against higher education, as evidenced by stereotyped cliches such as ‘nurses are born not made’. Advocates of the ‘hidden curriculum’ in nursing education (Clinton 1982, Crout, 1980) extended the argument to reason that nurse educators ‘de-emphasise’ the theoretical basis of business succession checklist nursing since they seek to train learners to become conformist, non-critical and obedient employees. (Sweeney, 1986). However nurse training did move into higher education, a move born of essay a desire to increase the ‘professionalism’ of nursing. As the family business planning checklist, author is christmas festival essay a nurse educator within the mental health service area of a district health board, and succession checklist there is a specific need and desire to both explore and evaluate self-directed/lifelong learning from explication a mental health educational viewpoint.

The author also trained in Scotland in the 1980’s and was trained the family business succession, traditional hospital apprentice model. Therefore the concept of poetry self-directed /lifelong learning will be explored from my own experiences of learning, both in family succession, a pre-registration environment and over the span of my 20 year post qualifying period. Lab Essay? In charting the family succession checklist, development of christmas festival lifelong learning as a concept and taking stock of its current location in nursing, one of the prominent elements noticed has been the proliferation of documents in the 1990’s emphasizing the business succession planning, value and english the modes of planning implementation of egg drop lifelong learning in business succession planning, general as well as in nursing (Gopee, 2001). In the UK, the government’s nursing strategy document, Making a Difference (DoH, 1999) notes that ‘Lifelong learning is more than a slogan, and baby essays access to education, training and development is no longer an aspiration for the few but a necessary part of succession planning checklist jobs and careers in most sectors’. The UK nurses’ professional body the lab essay, Royal College of Nursing (1997) asserts that continuing professional development (CPD) should be seen ‘as a way of life’. Knapper and Cropley (2000) suggest that the term lifelong learning may be no more than a ‘unifying principle’ that links existing trends and tendencies in education.

In other words lifelong learning takes a more holistic perspective, and should be a normal and realistic expectation throughout life. Certainly from the authors’ perspective, much has changed since the pre-registration days of my nurse training, whereby the UK was on the precipice of moving from an succession checklist institutionalised model of care to a community based model and all that this entailed. The nature of mental health nursing delivery in the Western world, like all areas of health care, continues to undergo profound changes (Barling and Brown, 2001; Ryan-Nicholls, 2003). Festival? These changes – shifting client populations, case management, changing loci of care (e. g. , from hospital to community) and competing models of care – have impacted upon family succession planning the practice of mental health nursing. In addition, educational provision for mental health nurses has had to address issues of change in recruitment, retention, career opportunities and practice development (Happell, 2001; Hannigan 2004). Additionally in Australia and New Zealand direct entry to mental health nursing was phased out by the mid 1990s. Despite the passage of time, there remains concern that mental health nursing has not been well served by this change in educational preparation (Happell, 2008a,b). Along with the reported shortage of mental health nurses, there has also been a decline in the number of graduates choosing a career in mental health nursing (Curtis, 2007) with relatively small numbers undertaking postgraduate study in this specialist area (Happell and Gough, 2009).

Unlike Australia and New Zealand, the UK continues an undergraduate mental health nursing programme and essay anecdotal evidence would suggest that the business succession planning, problems of recruitment and retention in john essay, mental health nursing are more problematic on this side of the globe. Happell’s (2001) Australian study of almost 300 students showed that initially mental health was not a popular choice amongst undergraduate nursing students but, nevertheless, suggests that clinical experience in mental health settings modifies such erceptions. Educational provision beyond initial registration demonstrates the potential for, as well as the business succession planning checklist, challenges, of continuing professional development for this group of nurses (Robinson and Tingle, 2003). One educational provision is to enhance the practice of particular mental health nursing skills. The use of particular psycho-social interventions, via such initiatives as the Thorn programme, has been highlighted in caring for clients with enduring mental health problems (Gamble, 1997). The author of this essay is a strong advocate for such programmes being introduced into a New Zealand post graduate mental health nursing programme, as she herself completed this programme over a 12 month period at the Maudsley Hospital in London.

This programme recognised that whilst the UK has maintained an undergraduate mental health nursing programme, gaps continued to remain in nursing and other disciplines in the provision of adequate care for christmas essay, clients with enduring mental illness and their families. The Thorn programme aimed to minimise those gaps in the UK mental health service provision by ensuring that nurses and other disciplines had the necessary skills to family succession planning meet those needs. As a nurse educator within the mental health services of a District Health Board in New Zealand, the role includes mandatory educational responsibilities for both nursing and allied health staff, within the provider arm and non-government organisations. The role extends to providing non-mandatory education to colleagues and this includes; enduring mental illness, clinical supervision, preceptor training, to name but a few. Also included is john foulcher poetry involvement in our New Graduate Mental Health Nursing Programme. This variety within my role can and does present both opportunities and challenges when attempting to foster and succession checklist encourage new learning’s, and influence change.

The challenge therefore is acknowledging the wide ranging experience and christmas festival qualifications that learners have and creating an family business checklist environment in which the participants and my role support both as being joint enquirers. Therefore whilst I believe my role as educator is essay explication not from family succession a hierarchal model, rather one based on being learner centred and inclusive, I am also aware that at times my style of teaching can be more of a didactic model, however I encourage class participants to also share their own learning’s and experiences. I do however find myself wanting to impart as much knowledge as I can, and I believe some of this is fuelled by my own training and experiences and my on-going concerns that New Zealand does not have an ndergraduate mental health nursing programme. Having reviewed the many studies by Brenda Happell on the similar Australian comprehensive undergraduate nursing programme and the recruitment and essays retention issues within mental health nursing, I find myself concerned, especially for the future of mental health nursing and the ability to attract and family planning checklist retain our mental health colleagues. This however may serve to english promote a more didactic teaching style and this is one of the challenges for me to remedy as a nurse educator. The educator role also includes our regular work-force, both registered and unregistered staff, therefore another challenge is to both promote and business planning checklist maintain good clinical understanding of mental health issues that impact our client group and john foulcher their families, and keeping staff abreast of changes and national strategies and directives. Business Succession Planning Checklist? Another challenge is that some attendees at mandatory training and continual professional development training are not there through choice, but rather because their managers have told them to attend and/or they require additional educational and professional development hours for christmas, their annual registration. A UK study by family checklist Gould et al. , (2007) on magic, nurses’ experiences of continual professional development (CPD), five main themes emerged from the family business planning, data: Who and what is CPD for? Accessing CPD; One size does not fit all; Managing work, life and doing CPD; and Making the best of CPD. The respondents in this research thought that CPD played an important role in enhancing service provision and maintaining safety for patients and essay english nurses, and made links between CPD and clinical governance as well as bridging the theory practice gap. The importance of maintaining skills, remaining professionally updated and CPD was also considered to play a key role in both career and personal development.

A fewer number of respondents expressed a view that ‘nursing had lost its way’ by becoming overly academic. They called for a return to traditional values, when much greater importance was placed on clinical experience. On the subject of managing work, life and CPD, some respondents complained of the expectation that they would invest personal time in family business succession checklist, CPD intended to primarily improve service delivery. This resulted in considerable resentment, especially when individuals were already feeling the effects of heavy clinical workloads, poor staffing and the rapid pace of change within the health system. Many of the opinions expressed corroborate the findings of other studies.

Poor staffing levels and the absence of colleagues to provide ‘backfill’ was the same problem as in earlier reports (Shields, 2002) and as in anchor essays, the study by Gould et al. , 2004b, there was a feeling from some respondents’ that longer courses with academic emphasis were being promoted at the expense of family those intended primarily to egg drop lab essay attain competency in clinical skills. From the authors own experience both as a clinician and business succession planning as an educator, I would concur with the study findings and therefore, ongoing evaluation of my role and the content of the education being delivered, and how it is delivered is of paramount importance. One of the main objectives of the educator role is to identify the theory practice gap and how this can be reduced, in order to john poetry essay enhance the clinical outcomes for business succession checklist, our clients and families, as well as creating job satisfaction, confidence and anchor competence within our staff who deliver our mental health services. In general terms, the theory- practice gap can be defined as the discrepancy between what student nurses are taught in a classroom setting – the theoretical aspects of nursing – and what they experience on clinical placement – the practice of nursing (Jones, 1997). In the late 1980s, as a result of recommendations made in Project 2000’ (UKCC, 1986), nurse education in the UK moved from hospital-based schools of nursing into universities.

Exposure of nursing students to family checklist the research-based education of universities was perceived as a way of fostering critical, analytical practitioners, capable of applying research to practice. However, there is contention that degree programmes focus on theory and research to the detriment of practice experience. Thus graduate nurses are accused of lack of competence when they first qualify (Roberts and Johnson, 2009). This is an english accusation seldom if ever targeted at any of the other graduate professions within healthcare. For nurse education then, it is crucial that graduate programmes combine theoretical and practical learning and develop strategies to ensure that the competency of newly qualified nurses is business planning checklist assured (Taylor et al. , 2010). However changes to competence assessment in nursing have not been without its critics. Anchor Baby? Following a systematic review of the business checklist, literature, Watson et al. Anchor Essays? , (2002) argued that there was no evidence to support the use of competency-based nurse education.

Moreover, they asserted that while not wrong in succession planning, itself, competence driven nurse education may be misguided because it encapsulates an essay english ‘anti-education’ mentality’. Such is the business, complexity of competence assessment, that not even involvement of mentors in the process is unproblematic. Mosely and Davies (2008) reported that mentors often struggle with the cognitive demands of the role. Moreover, there are a number of organisational and contextual constraints that make assessment difficult. Lack of lab essay time is identified as a major constraint (Myall et al. , 2008; Wilkes, 2006). The problem is compounded by increased student numbers that impinge on business checklist, placement provision and put mentors under pressure (Murray and anchor baby Williamson, 2009). Additionally, there is lack of recognition for family, mentors (Bray and Nettleton, 2007; Kilcullen, 2007) and the inherent role confusion inherent in simultaneously acting as mentor and assessor (Bray and Nettleton, 2007; Wilkes, 2006).

A UK study conducted by Corlett (2000), attempted to explore and identify the perceptions of nurse teachers, student nurses and preceptors of the theory-practice gap in nurse education. This study identified that without exception, interviewees felt a theory-practice gap does exist, with students saying it was huge, whilst teachers thought it was probably fairly narrow. Essay? Some teachers felt the gap was a beneficial phenomenon, encouraging students to develop problem-based learning and reflective skills to overcome the gap. Students viewed the succession planning, differences as frustrating and gave more credence to what they saw and learned on christmas festival english, placement. Whilst the family succession planning, study identified that preceptors played an important role in helping students relate theory to practice, interviewees felt there was little time to facilitate this process due to the shortness of placements – a finding supported by several other studies (Richards, 1993, White Riley, 1993, Philips et al. 1996). Several studies have also identified that nurse teachers are seen to anchor baby essays teach an idealized version of nursing, which often did not fit with the realities of practice. Nurse teachers’ credibility is also lessened when students report what they had seen in the clinical area was different to what they had been taught. Sequencing theory and practice appears particularly worrying for students with the family business succession checklist, academic model and the role of nurse educators being far removed from reality, therefore a collaborative relationship between nurse educators, students and baby essays preceptors appears to be a potential way forward. Within the succession planning, mental health services it is hoped that the nurse educator role, whilst based within the hospital setting, allows for some of the theory practice gap to be addressed and john reduced, and family planning that our staff who support and preceptor our students and newer staff also feel supported. In a study conducted by christmas english Hallin and Danielson (2010), preceptors who are supported and informed of the university’s expectations of what nursing students ought to achieve and how they should perform are significantly more likely to report and manage students with insufficiencies.

However reasons given as to why nursing students with difficulties pass clinical education are primarily RNs’ feelings of family succession planning checklist guilt, lack of preceptor experience, insufficient time to observe the student, but also feelings of pity for students (Luhanga et al. , 2008b). Critical decisions on student performance are easier to baby essays handle when guidance and family business succession planning teacher support are insured, the structured three-way (tripartite) meetings between teacher, student and personal preceptor described in essays, Hallin and Danielson (2010) model would improve evaluation quality. There is therefore no doubt that there is a need for family business succession, improved communication, information sharing and collaboration between the tertiary institutions and anchor essays clinical areas, this would enhance the business succession planning, integration of theory to clinical practice for nursing students , whilst supporting the preceptor in the understanding of the nursing programme. Other studies report that with high staff turnover and retention issues concerning RNs, lack of time and opportunity to be supported to take a preceptor-preparation course and other educational opportunities to increase RNs own knowledge, high student numbers and yeats essay magic preceptors not being given adequate time and resources to spend with students, could increase RNs resentments of feeling overworked and therefore less eager to work with students. Undoubtedly, efforts must be made that ensure being a preceptor is family succession considered an honour and results in benefits and rewards (Hyrkas and Shoemaker, 2007). In the role as a nurse educator within the District Health Board, preceptors attend a two day training course and there is ongoing education for them to access within our mental health training programme, it is hoped that this therefore minimises some of the negative impacts the research has found. As previously discussed, self-directed/lifelong learning is very much a part of being in the health and specifically the nursing profession, the authors own experience is that to keep abreast of our ever changing health system and essay how we deliver care now and in the future, nurses have to accept that this is a necessary part of our roles. There are many advantages to family planning lifelong learning, including enhancement of explication knowledge of skills, promoting the best quality health services that we can deliver and ultimately improving outcomes for the people we deliver our services to. Life long learning within nursing also gives us the opportunity to bridge the business planning, transition from initial training to continuing education, especially important in health and from the author’s perspective in thesis, mental health.

In the past 20 + years, we have moved to having hospital based care, to community care, this has had a profound impact for both clients and families within the mental health services. Whilst we acknowledge this has been an advantaged way of checklist delivering care for baby essays, those clients, it has also meant a huge reliance on families becoming care-givers, therefore to up skill our families; we must understand and business succession checklist up skill ourselves. Our society continues to evolve, just as how we deliver healthcare services continues to evolve, therefore the challenge may not only be the thesis defender, concept of self-directed/ life long learning, but how we ensure that we have robust supports and services in place to meet the needs of our health profession and the needs of nursing, both now and in the future.

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5 Problems with The Ladders' 6 Second Resume Study. By Mark Slack / November 14, 2014. The Ladders’ ‘6 second resume’ study is frequently cited around the business succession checklist, web. But is it methodologically sound? I know you’ve heard this one before — hiring managers only take an average of six seconds to foulcher poetry, glance over family succession planning your resume before deciding to anchor baby essays, keep or trash it. If you’re in the resume business, you see this statistic from The Ladders’ famous resume study cited everywhere. You’ve probably even cited it a few times yourself.

I know I have. Then it struck me. Has anyone even taken a close look at the study’s methodology to business, see if it has scientific merit? I decided to anchor baby, examine their methodology in detail to see if the study could be improved, and if their conclusions were correct. The result? There are major problems with The Ladders’ famous study that may have led to hazy or incorrect results. Allow me to preface this post by saying that it’s admirable that The Ladders went through the effort to do bring a scientific lens to the hiring process, and attempt to bring some objectivity to the table. Business Planning! I think that is to be applauded and anchor, appreciated. However, it is also important not to succession, accept the results of any study at face value.

Conclusions should be peer-reviewed and tested to determine accuracy, and essay, constructive criticism should be given to planning checklist, improve any studies performed in the future. With that in mind, here are five problems with The Ladders’ six-second resume study. 1. The study provides too few important methodological details. This is a major issue throughout the study. Statistics should never be taken at face value, and it’s impossible to praise or criticize the methodology of a study that does not make its methods transparent and open. Here’s the anchor, biggest missing detail from family business succession checklist, this study: Were the recruiters told in advance whether they were viewing professionally re-written or original resumes? If they were told in advance, it would bias the results in poetry essay favor of the business checklist, professional re-written samples. This would be like judging brownies, and being told in advance which ones were baked by thesis Martha Stewart, and which ones were baked by a twelve-year old. The Ladders should address this missing piece of critical information. 2. The study uses scales and statistics incorrectly, generating questionable results.

The Ladders’ study used something called a Likert scale to business succession checklist, help recruiters gauge the “usability” and “organization” of thesis prize any given resume. Succession Planning Checklist! Before I continue, here’s what a Likert scale looks like: I’m sure you’ve filled one in several times in thesis your life. Using the family succession checklist, Likert scale was a good choice for this study. Used correctly, it could act a strong indicator of the comparative strength of professionally written resumes. Unfortunately, The Ladders’ study only gets it half right. Recruiters were asked to rate the “usability” and “organization” of resumes on numerical rating scale from 1-7 (instead of Agree-Disagree as shown in the Likert scale above). 1 represented a resume that was the least usable/organized, with 7 being the most usable/organized. Because the scale is numerical, The Ladders calls it a “Likert-like” scale, not just a Likert scale. Here’s where the lab essay, study gets a bit sloppy.

The Ladders claims that professionally re-written resumes were given an average rating of 6.2 for ‘usability’ versus 3.9 before the rewrite. They then calculate this as a 60% increase in usability. You can’t do that with a Likert scale, (or a Likert-like scale). Consider it this way – make a list of three movies, assigned values 1-3. Your favorite movie (1) A movie that you like (2) A movie that you sort of family planning checklist like (3) What’s the percentage difference between the movie that you sort of like, and the movie that you like? How about between the christmas festival essay, movie you like, and your favorite movie?

Are the intervals between them even? I know for planning checklist me, they aren’t. It’s difficult to even choose between my favorite movies most of the time. If it doesn’t work with movies, how could it work with the resumes in this study? Just because you assign your opinion to a numerical value does not mean you can also assign a percentage interval. Again, let me be clear – the results stemming from the anchor baby essays, Likert-like scale probably reveal that professionally written resumes were better organized and more usable than the originals, but that cannot be calculated into percentages. (At least with this kind of statistical test.) 3. The study uses unclear language and words that are not defined. Let’s take a look at family succession the study’s claims piece by piece: “Professionally prepared resumes also scored better in terms of christmas english organization and family planning, visual hierarchy, as measured by eye-tracking technology. The “gaze trace” of recruiters was erratic when they reviewed a poorly organized resume, and recruiters experienced high levels of cognitive load (total mental activity) , which increased the prize, level of effort to make a decision.” First of all, it’s unclear what the study means by business succession “cognitive load”/ “total mental activity”.

Moreover, how did they measure these vague terms with eye gaze technology? Again, the christmas essay, lack of transparent methodology and family business planning checklist, clear definitions renders these terms impossible to make any comments about, and determine if the study is truly accurate. Secondly, how does one measure whether a “gaze trace” is erratic? The fact is that though there may be ways to essay, measure this kind of business succession planning checklist thing statistically, it’s hard to know if their conclusion has any merit when they just summarize the explication, math in family succession planning checklist their own words without showing us any of the computations. Thirdly, the Likert scale is misused once again in this section to create the christmas english, illusion of a hard statistic:

“[Professional resumes] achieved a mean score of 5.6 on a seven-point Likert-like scale, compared with a 4.0 rating for resumes before the re-write – a 40% increase.” We’ve already gone over why that is family business planning checklist not a legitimate way to represent Likert scale data. We interviewed seasoned human resources experts about resume screening, about how long they spend on christmas festival essay english a resume on average, and planning checklist, what they think of the lab essay, “6-second” rule. Here are a few of the responses: “I always go back and forth on the whole “6 seconds” theory. Family Succession Planning! I can’t really put an essay, average time for how long I look at each one; for me, it really depends on how a resume is constructed. When I open up a nice, neat resume (clear headers, line separations, clearly in business succession planning checklist chronological order, etc.) I am more likely to go through each section of the resume. Even if the experience is not that great, having a resume that looks professional and reads well will cause me to spend more time examining it. “…Once I narrow down candidates from the cover letter filter I will spend 10-15 minutes reviewing individual resumes.” “The 6 second rule?

It varies company to company. Here’s what I’ll say. Recruiters will spend less time reading a resume for christmas essay an entry or junior level role. Positions that are more senior will be reviewed quite carefully by HR before they pass them on to the hiring manager.” “Initially, an family succession planning, average resume takes 2-3 minutes for me to scan.” “…the average time spent on the initial resume review is 15 seconds. If she sees a good skill match, she will spend two to three minutes further reading it.” “We spend, on poetry average, 2:36 per application. That includes looking through someone’s portfolio, website, Github, LinkedIn, and family planning, anything else we can find online.” Michelle Burke , Marketing Supervisor, WyckWyre.

“Our hiring managers honestly spend time looking through resumes. Egg Drop Lab Essay! They value every application that comes in and want to hire as many people as needed rather than screen through applications and family business checklist, end up with no one.” 5. The study makes conjectures without data to back it up. The study needs to be more careful about making conjecture and speculation, or give better reasoning to essay, support its claims. For example, the study says: “In some cases, irrelevant data such as candidates’ age, gender or race may have biased reviewers’ judgments.” While the above is not necessarily an succession planning checklist, incorrect hypothesis, it’s pointless to festival english, include in this study unless The Ladders can prove it with actual data. If they are speculating, they need to business succession planning checklist, be clear about yeats that, or else be clear about the bits of data that substantiate their claims. Due to the opaqueness of the business succession planning checklist, study, it’s impossible to know how they made that determination.

Here are two other areas where critical information is missing: We don’t know why The Ladders chose a sample of 30 people. Here’s why this is important: In general, ordinal data (IE. the likert-scale data used in this study) requires a larger sample size to essay, detect a given effect than does interval/ratio/cardinal data. So, is 30 people enough for family business succession planning this study? If The Ladders did not set a clear rule for how large a sample they were going to recruit, they could theoretically continue to choose as many or as few people as necessary to come up with a result that that they wanted. Again, I’m not accusing The Ladders of doing this, but just giving another example for why study methodology should be transparent and open – results carry less meaning unless they can be examined. We don’t know if the differences were statistically different from zero. This is anchor baby a bit more difficult to succession planning checklist, understand, but essentially this means we can’t tell if their results were just from sheer randomness or a real underlying difference. To determine whether the results were sheer randomness or actually reveal differences, the study needs to report z scores or t scores, Pearson’s r’s or Kendall’s tau’s, etc.

These values are the statistician’s tools for making an inference about whether observed differences reflect some real, underlying difference, or whether they’re likely to have resulted from ‘just random noise. The study reveals no such information. 6. Study doesn’t answer The Big Question: Does any of egg drop lab essay this even matter? Here’s The Big Question – do these professionally rewritten resumes actually help people find jobs, or land more interviews? While it’s interesting to find out if professionally written resume get better ratings for usability and “more orderly eye gaze”, the important question is whether people are getting interviews and jobs because of these resume qualities. The most meaningful statistic would be to figure out business succession planning checklist how large an anchor essays, improvement in orderliness of gaze and business planning, resume ratings is required to move a resume from “no interview/not hired” to “interview/hired”. John Essay! (Granted, this question would be a complex problem to figure out, and impacted by a large number of checklist variables.) But without knowing if there was a meaningful difference in hiring/interview trends, it’s hard to know if the yeats essay magic, increases reported by the study are large, small, unimportant, or important. Again, I think it’s great that The Ladders went through the effort to come up with a resume and recruiting study. However, we should be careful to remember that bulletproof studies can be hard to family business succession planning checklist, design, and statistics can be unintentionally misleading, and frequently tricky to interpret. Hopefully, this analysis can serve a jumping-off point for a new and improved study that may reveal some surprising information about how recruiters tend to behave, and prize, how to family business succession checklist, help people find jobs more efficiently.

We reached out to baby essays, The Ladders for a comment on this article and a request for their in family business planning checklist depth methodology for further review, and have not yet received a response. Your analysis of The Ladders’ Eye Tracking Study is great. You’ve. clearly identified a number of essay obvious scientific flaws in their. methodology. My own point of criticism was simply that since The.

Ladders is a for-profit Job-Seeker Service which commissioned and family business succession planning, paid. for this study, it’s not surprising that their conclusions supported. using their own professional resume-writing services. To use your. analogy, it would be like the Martha Stewart company commissioning and. paying for a study comparing brownies baked by Martha Stewart with ones.

were baked by a twelve-year old. Guess which brownies would come out. being more popular in that study?! I also love your final conclusion — that the real test should be to poetry essay explication, find out if improving someone’s resume. by using a professional resume-writing service would actually increase. their chances of family planning getting interviewed and/or hired. Now THAT would be a. Definitely not surprising that The Ladders’ study’s conclusion would support their bottom line. However, I would bet that a methodologically bulletproof study would track along the same lines as their own, anyway — but it would be nice to prove it! Indeed, a truly scientific study done on essay how to improve people’s chances of getting interviews/hired would be fantastic to see. Thanks for reading my article and family business planning checklist, commenting!

Hi Mark, this was a very helpful! Do you know of any good resume eye tracking studies out foulcher essay there? Thanks for succession checklist the comment. Prize! Sorry it took me a while to family succession, respond. Actually, I’m not aware of any out there, which is a shame because it’s an interesting concept that deserves more testing. If you’re interested, you can try our new game based on this study: The 6 Second Resume Challenge. Essay English! Unfortunately it seems to be the same old story when it comes to poor hiring practices. Planning Checklist! Some companies are growing more aware of these problems and anchor essays, try to sort candidates in fairer ways, but doing so requires time and energy (something many businesses are unwilling to exert when they’re faced with a pile of resumes). Share 5 Problems with The Ladders’ 6 Second Resume Study Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today’s competitive job market.

We provide HR-approved resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easy export to family business succession planning, MS Word and PDF. Get awesome job opportunities sent directly to your inbox. By clicking Send Me Job Alerts, I agree to anchor baby essays, the Resume Genius Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Play the One-Minute Game That’ll Show You How to Improve Your Resume. Think you can judge the business planning checklist, quality of a resume within 6 seconds? The answer may surprise you. Put your skills to the test, and anchor baby essays, learn how to make your resume 6 second worthy! 3 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Hire Tom Brady. Tom Brady’s resume is a couple yards short of a touchdown. Business Planning! There are tons of errors throughout. See why.

How to festival english, Modify and Maximize your Resume Template. Need a resume template? Feel free to business succession checklist, download one, but be sure to make small modifications to unlock your. Would You Rather Work for a Man or a Woman? Do people still care whether they work for a man or woman, or do most people simply look for a nice job. 5 Ridiculous Excuses To Calling Out Of Work That Were Surprisingly Successful. Every office is christmas english bound to have that one person that abuses the call-out policy. These people go above and. Resume Genius' builder, resources, advice and planning, career tips are regularly featured on some of the yeats, world's leading online and offline publications including:

Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in family business succession planning today's competitive job market. HR-proven resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easily export to thesis defender prize, MS Word and PDF.

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40 Persuasive Spanish Words for Writing a Killer AP Spanish Essay. In order to do well on the AP Spanish exam#8217;s free-response section, you must be able to write a persuasive essay based on three Spanish-language sources. After years of elementary, middle and business succession planning high school Spanish, the anchor baby essays, time has come—you#8217;re getting ready to tackle the AP Spanish exam. You can conjugate any irregular verb you see. Business! You’ve got conditionals down pat. And your vocabulary is out of this world. But can you form a coherent argument#8230; in Spanish? Here we#8217;ve put together a list of 40 vocabulary words that will come in handy for making and supporting arguments in egg drop lab essay your AP Spanish essays, and in any other piece of Spanish writing! What#8217;s the AP Spanish Free-response Section Like? The free-response section of the exam is meant to test your ability to communicate with others in spoken and written Spanish.

There are two essays in the free-response section. Business Succession Planning! The interpersonal essay asks you to respond to christmas essay english, an email. The presentational essay tests how well you can draw information from family business planning, Spanish-language sources, form an argument and write formally. This second essay is a little less straightforward, so we#8217;ll walk you through it here. So, how does it work? The presentational essay is based on anchor baby essays three sources . Family Planning Checklist! Two of foulcher poetry essay them are written sources and one is an audio source. These sources can be just about anything: Advertisements, articles, infographics, letters, maps, interviews, radio programs, podcasts and conversations are just some examples of the business succession checklist, types of sources you may encounter.

You’ll have about 55 minutes to complete this particular essay. First, you’ll have six minutes to read the yeats essay, prompt and the two written sources, and family planning then you’ll hear the john poetry, audio source twice. Finally, you’ll have 40 minutes to plan and write your essay. The essay is graded on planning checklist the basis of Spanish language skills like reading, listening, writing and grammar—but it’s also based on your general ability to analyze the sources and make a strong, coherent argument. How to Prepare for the Free-response Section. In many ways, preparing for the free-response section is the same as preparing for the rest of the AP exam. It involves studying grammar and anchor baby essays vocabulary, and it also means immersing yourself in the Spanish language as much as possible.

The more exposure you have to Spanish-language sources leading up to family business, the exam day, the easier it’ll be for you to understand and analyze the three sources you encounter in the presentational essay task. John Foulcher Poetry! Seeking out native Spanish sources is easy, and business succession FluentU has got you covered. John Poetry! Here, you can find info on great news outlets, podcasts, YouTube channels and blogs—all in Spanish. Even following some Spanish Twitter feeds or listening to Spanish music can be a great way to work a little language practice into business planning your day. There are also some targeted ways to anchor essays, practice for the free-response section. Do practice exams and read sample essays. The College Board has posted the succession checklist, full AP exams from the last several years. Try to read the john foulcher, sources and write the essay in family planning checklist the allotted 55 minutes. When you’re done, go back and john poetry essay slowly revise your essay for errors in checklist grammar, spelling and logic. Baby! After that, you can also check out the grading rubric provided by the College Board and planning several sample persuasive essays.

Try to anchor essays, compare your essay against the rubric and the samples to see how you can improve your writing. Practice summarizing and analyzing Spanish-language sources. Business Planning! Remember all those great resources listed above? Well, it’s not enough to just read or listen to them. The whole point of the presentational essay is to poetry explication, measure your ability to summarize, synthesize and succession checklist argue. So, after you read or listen to a Spanish-language source, take five minutes to summarize it—on paper.

Identify the main argument, and then make a bulleted list of foulcher poetry important points. Finally, write a few sentences summarizing your personal opinion. Learn targeted vocabulary for planning talking about opinions and john foulcher essay arguments. Is there anything more frustrating than knowing exactly what you want to succession checklist, say, but not having the thesis defender prize, vocabulary to family business checklist, say it? This article lists many crucial vocabulary words for expressing and supporting opinions in persuasive essays. Using these words and phrases will make your writing flow more smoothly—and they#8217;ll allow you to argue with more credibility and style. 40 Persuasive Vocabulary Words for Writing Strong AP Spanish Essays. Estoy de acuerdo/No estoy de acuerdo — I agree/I disagree. Estoy de acuerdo con lo que dice el autor. (I agree with what the author says.) No estoy de acuerdo con la idea principal de la fuente numero dos . Poetry! (I disagree with the main idea of source number two.) En mi opinion, los jovenes deberian comer mas sano. (In my opinion, young people should eat healthier.) La verdad es que todavia hay mucha desigualdad en los Estados Unidos . (The truth is there is family business succession planning checklist, still a lot of john foulcher poetry inequality in business the United States.) Es verdad que las redes sociales pueden ser peligrosas . (It’s true that social media can be dangerous.) Hay gente que dice que las redes sociales son peligrosas, pero esto es falso . Yeats Magic! (There are people who say that social media is dangerous, but this is false.) Me parece/No me parece — It seems to me/It doesn’t seem to me.

Me parece bien que los ninos asistan a colegios bilingues . (I think it’s a good idea that children attend bilingual schools.) No me parece bien que los ninos asistan a colegios bilingues . (I don’t think it’s a good idea that children attend bilingual schools.) Remember that since me parece implies an opinion or emotion, you must conjugate the verb in the subjunctive tense. Yo pienso que no hay nada mas importante que la familia . (I think that there is family checklist, nothing more important than family.) Yo creo que todos los adolescentes deberian aprender a tocar un instrumento . (I believe that all adolescents should learn to play an instrument.) The following phrases all have the anchor baby, same structure: Es + adjective + que . This structure is business succession, similar to the English “It’s [adjective] that#8230;” and is great for expressing and supporting opinions in a strong and confident manner. Here are some phrases that are especially useful when making and defending claims in a persuasive essay: Es importante que — It’s important that. For some of these phrases, the yeats essay magic, verb following the word que must be conjugated in the indicative, while others require the subjunctive. A good rule of thumb is that when implying that something is certain, use the indicative. When expressing doubt or expressing some other emotion, use the subjunctive.

On this list, evidente, claro, cierto and obvio use indicative verbs, and family succession importante, necesario, probable and dudoso use subjunctive verbs. Es cierto que nuestro clima esta cambiando . Anchor Baby! (It is certain that our climate is changing.) Es importante que la gente sepa hablar mas de un idioma . Business Succession! (It’s important that people know how to essays, speak more than one language.) These words will help you refer to your three sources, which contain information that will help you support your argument. Family Planning! This section also contains transition words to connect one part of festival essay english your argument to the next. Segun el autor#8230; (according to the author#8230;) Segun la fuente numero 1#8230; (According to source number one#8230;) Esto es un tema muy importante. (This is a very important topic.) La fuente muestra la importancia de la diversidad. (The source shows the family checklist, importance of diversity.) Remember, mostrar is an o-ue stem-changing verb—pay attention to conjugation! La tabla demuestra que muchos jovenes en Espana juegan al futbol. (The table demonstrates that many youths in Spain play football.) Demostrar is also an o-ue stem changing verb. Luckily for you, it follows the exact same conjugation rules as mostrar ! La tabla indica que hay muchas familias pobres en ese barrio. (The table indicates that there are many poor families in that neighborhood.) Estos datos apoyan la idea de que el clima esta cambiando. (This data supports the thesis defender, idea that the climate is changing) Es importante que la economia crezca, pero por otra parte, tenemos que cuidar el medio ambiente. (It’s important that the business planning checklist, economy grows, but on the other hand, we have to care for the environment.) This phrase is used in the middle of a sentence to connect ideas. La Amazonia tiene un alto nivel de biodiversidad, por lo cual la conservacion de esta region debe ser una prioridad. Poetry Essay Explication! (The Amazon has a high level of biodiversity, which is why the conservation of this region must be a priority.) This word is usually seen at business succession checklist the beginning of egg drop lab essay a sentence, and it’s useful for transitioning from family business planning checklist, one idea or argument to another. Ademas, es evidente que la tecnologia nos ayuda mucho. Thesis Prize! (Additionally, it’s evident that technology helps us a lot.) This is another good transition word.

In your essay, you may want to business succession planning checklist, present an alternate argument and then explain why you disagree with it. Sin embargo is very helpful for this. Obviamente, estudiar es muy importante. Essay! Sin embargo, es necesario que los adolescentes tengan tiempo para jugar con sus amigos . (Obviously, studying is checklist, very important. However, it’s necessary that teenagers have time to play with their friends.) En comparacion, la fuente numero 2 indica que hay mas obesidad en Estados Unidos que en Espana . (In comparison, source number 2 indicates that there is more obesity in the United States than in Spain.) Al igual que en los anos 40, hoy en dia hay mucha gente que no quiere ayudar a los refugiados de guerra . (Just like in the 40s, today there are many people who don’t want to help war refugees.) Tanto ________ como ________ — _________ as well as ___________. Fill in this phrase with two nouns to emphasize that you#8217;re talking equally about two different things. Tanto chicos como chicas deberian aprender a cocinar, limpiar, coser y cuidar a los bebes. Essays! (Boys as well as girls ought to business planning, learn how to cook, clean, sew and poetry explication care for babies.) Remember that Spanish has two translations for the English word “but.” The word sino is family checklist, like the English phrase “but rather,” used to introduce an alternative. Leer no es una perdida de tiempo, sino una manera de aprender y de conocer otras culturas . (Reading isn’t a waste of john essay time, but rather a way to learn and family understand other cultures.) Sin duda, el cambio climatico es el problema mas grave que enfrenta nuestra planeta. Yeats Essay Magic! (Without a doubt, climate change is the most serious problem that our planet faces.) Aunque is followed by an indicative verb when the checklist, outcome is known, but a subjunctive verb when the outcome is speculative.

Aunque cuesta mucho dinero, tenemos que buscar una solucion. (Even though it costs a lot of money, we have to search for a solution.) Aunque cueste mucho dinero, tenemos que buscar una solucion . (Even though it may cost a lot of money, we have to defender prize, search for business planning checklist a solution.) In your final paragraph, you’ll want to provide a summary of foulcher poetry your main argument and your main supporting points. You can use the following helpful phrases: En conclusion,/En resumen,/En fin, las tres fuentes muestran que la contaminacion del aire es un problema muy grave para todo el mundo . (In summary, the family business succession planning checklist, three sources show that air pollution is a very serious problem for foulcher poetry the whole world.) After summarizing your essay, you’ll want to re-state your main argument in a succinct, strongly-worded sentence. Start with these phrases: Por estas razones,/Por eso,/Asi que/Entonces, afirmo que los adolescentes no deberian usar las redes sociales. Family Business Succession Planning! (For these reasons, I affirm that teenagers should not use social media.) Learn and study these words—they#8217;ll help you express yourself more fluidly in your AP Spanish essays. But, of course, learning vocabulary is just one way to prepare for explication the free-response section. Remember to expose yourself to as many Spanish-language sources as you can before test day, and don’t forget to think critically about family, those sources as you read them! With practice, writing strong essays for the AP Spanish exam will be a breeze. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to thesis defender prize, learn Spanish with real-world videos. FluentU brings Spanish to life with real-world videos. Learning Spanish becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and family business succession inspiring talks. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for yeats essay magic sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for succession planning checklist products and thesis defender services we believe in. By purchasing through our affiliate links, you are supporting our ability to provide you with free language learning content. 2017 FluentFlix Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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essay eyes wide shut Here we are, ten years after the business succession checklist release of Stanley Kubrick's final film (and, of course, his death). Yeats Magic! I feel I'm at a point with Eyes Wide Shut where it's virtually impossible for me to family business succession planning checklist, have an honest opinion of the film anymore. Egg Drop! I've watched it and planning, analyzed it, in part, at least 100 times, mostly for the writing of the 2002 essay below (there's plenty I've left out anchor -- kisses, alcohol vs. coffee, etc.) -- plus I've read countless articles about its creation, spoken to Todd Field about rehearsals and camera placement, and I even interviewed SK's longtime collaborator Leon Vitali. I believe that EWS is the business succession one film he made just for himself. He didn't appear to be trying to essay magic, impress anybody, just creating a personal work of family business succession planning checklist, art he'd been planning for 30 years -- filling it with subtle references to his own life. Ultimately, EWS is a fascinating film to essay, study, but that study comes with caveats. Family Business Planning Checklist! We know for a fact that although the magic picture edit was left untouched at family succession the time of his death, the released film was not his final cut but the cut until that point -- as well, a wide variety of post procedures from sound to christmas festival essay english, color-correction were completed based on notes and the assumptions of family, his intimates. So the master of ambiguity, making a film that's entirely about ambiguity, has left us with a real life puzzle: we'll never know what the final version of his final film might've been, and we're left to sift through the pieces.

When Eyes Wide Shut opened on July 16, 1999, it was mostly greeted with the same reaction that all of yeats magic, Stanley Kubrick’s films had received: polar opinions followed by planning checklist discussion. Like those other films, once the controversy faded and it became available for dissection via video, its reputation slowly grew to defender, the point where the initial reactions were rendered irrelevant. Part of the initial problem for succession planning many of the film’s viewers was that Kubrick had made so few films in the last two decades of his life. During this time, the world of magic, film had been significantly augmented by three developments: home video, CGI and the rise of the blockbuster above all else. For myself, and an entire generation, we grew up watching Kubrick’s films on a TV screen. Although I did see Full Metal Jacket during its original run in theaters at the age of family business planning checklist, 12, what we were experiencing, for the most part, were waves created some time ago during the lab essay initial impacts of his work. There was so much folklore surrounding Kubrick's reputation that when Eyes Wide Shut’s production was announced in 1996, we were thrilled, yet skeptical. One friend, upon learning it would be starring Tom Cruise, commented that it was the equivalent of Alfred Hitchcock returning from the grave to direct a Nike commercial. As the shooting schedule wore on, stretching to a comical 20 months, our anticipation increased. Then, on business succession planning checklist the evening of March 7, 1999, shortly before the film’s release, we were shocked to learn Kubrick had passed away. We were in a state of disbelief.

For the younger filmmakers and enthusiasts coming of age now, it’s probably difficult to completely understand our reaction. Those who “got” Kubrick’s work -- the essay explication methodical compositions, groundbreaking narrative forms, revolutionary techniques, uncompromising intellectual concepts and, above all, his complete control over his productions and releases -- it was like losing a symbol. Family Succession! You would only essay need to locate and read a few of the obituaries published at the time to get an idea. There was nobody else like him, and there never would be again. He was often misunderstood, even by his admirers. I was baffled at reading post-mortem critical evaluations of his work, most of which seemed void of any comprehension.

One analysis actually proclaimed the most brilliant aspect of Barry Lyndon was that Kubrick presented the title character as a “dullard.” 1999 was a tricky year -- on family business planning checklist the eve of the lab essay millennium, it was the peak of the ‘90s media avalanche, and it also was the year of the “” The media, which SK had all but avoided for nearly a quarter century, quickly began spinning stories based on family succession planning checklist mistruths perpetuated by people who’d never even met him -- and he certainly wasn't available to counter any of these claims. Eyes Wide Shut’s entire production was controversial. Yeats Essay! The lack of public knowledge, mixed with the length of the business succession checklist shoot, stirred a great deal of public interest -- not the least of which was centered around the film’s married couple of baby essays, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. All we knew was that the narrative centered itself around sexual obsession. Later, it was suggested to be based on Arthur Schnitzler’s Traumnovel , however, no copies were in planning checklist print because Kubrick had preemptively bought them all years earlier. As with any unsubstantiated rumor, given enough time it will take on festival english a life of its own and lose any semblance of realistic proportion.

The press made the film sound as if it would be like Basic Instinct . Everything was hyped beyond belief, as our piranha media configuration called for; AOL kept asking on its homepage whether it would be the sexiest movie ever, and, as rumors emerged that the married couple would actually have unsimulated sex onscreen, the site even advertised: “Tom Nicole: Will they or won’t they?” For those who were actually interested in the reality of business succession, Eyes Wide Shut , there was a legitimate controversy. It was well known that Kubrick had been a perfectionist, with complete autonomy over all of defender, his work. In fact, he’d even recut 2001: A Space Odyssey , A Clockwork Orange and planning checklist, The Shining after their premieres -- and even had ACO removed from exhibition and video entirely in the UK. Now that he was dead some four months before its release, had he in christmas english fact completed his final cut? History indicated that he most likely hadn’t. Then, as the reviews began trickling out, notwithstanding Alexander Walker’s self-aggrandizing jump of the family succession planning checklist gun, yet another issue came to light. Apparently, in order to christmas festival essay, secure an R-rating, which Kubrick was contractually obligated to deliver to Warner Bros., digital alterations were applied to family business planning, alter a specific scene on all US prints.

Critics were shown both versions. Kubrick's untimely death mixed with questions about the legitimacy of the final cut and the tabloid frenzy surrounding the thesis stars created a perfect storm. I saw Eyes Wide Shut a couple of days before its release at a preview screening. The audience was anxious and on edge, not knowing what to expect. The film began, and after a few moments we all realized the succession planning checklist picture quality was grainy, looking like a rough cut or an aged print. There was whispering. The story unfolded, and my initial reactions swayed from nervous numbness to curiosity to thinking it was the worst thing he’d ever done and an embarrassment to thinking it might be his best. Afterward, I left without much of an opinion. I needed to mull it over.

I thought, perhaps Kubrick wasn’t dead after all. Maybe it had all been a plan -- a masquerade, not unlike what Tom Cruise’s character Bill Harford experienced. It certainly was ironic that someone known for portraying stories in which plans go astray unexpectedly died of natural causes while meticulously finishing his first film in anchor essays a dozen years. His body simply stopped on him. It couldn’t have been more Kubrickian. Most people were unable to determine how they felt about family business planning checklist it after only one viewing. John Poetry Essay! I saw it again several times in a row upon succession, its release, attempting to lab essay, make sense of family business succession checklist, it all. John Foulcher Essay! Certain aspects had caught my attention, and family business, it was readily apparent that many things which seemed so on the surface all but evaporated upon lab essay, closer inspection. Family Business Checklist! These ambiguities went unobserved by the press due to festival essay, the crowded summer schedule, looming deadlines and a rush to judgment.

Perhaps the greatest reason for this critical folly was that Kubrick spoke in a language of cinema not literature. By this, I mean, most people were so unskilled at understanding film language that they were unable to business succession, follow his intricacies and, therefore, judged it a mess. Kubrick’s consistent intent was to create visual experiences that avoided literary pigeonholes --and he often did this with as little verbal exposition as possible (showing not telling). What often goes unsaid is that many critics enjoy intelligent films -- but usually dislike intellectual films. They like to watch well-made and thought-provoking work, yet they disdain anything which will require them to think and rethink what they’ve seen after the egg drop fact. Woe is the director who shows he's more intelligent than a critic. In an family business, attempt to sound knowledgeable, many critics claimed to have read the Schnitzler (which was out of print), when all they’d read was Frederic Raphael’s brief synopsis in his published memoir Eyes Wide Open , about his screenplay collaboration with Kubrick. Therefore, they were following an yeats essay, unreliable surface guide and were unable to distinguish between the differences. And so began the debate. Allegations flew from critics regarding the family business MPAA’s conservative attitudes toward sex.

After all, the essay world outside North America saw the version without the digital alterations; these alterations, which occurred in a single scene, in the form of planning checklist, what became known as digital fig leaves, were figures imposed over certain sex acts to obscure their sight -- not unlike TV’s practice of blurring various unsuitable or unlicensed elements in passing. (The subsequent video release also had an alteration: the reflection of a sound man was removed in one scene -- something I believe to be intentional, not an error.) Because the alterations were apparently done just before its release, this led to speculation as to what else Warner’s might have done. Many refused to accept this as a final cut. One critic actually had the audacity to accuse Steven Spielberg, without any evidence, mind you, of reshooting the final scene. Jan Harlan, Kubrick’s brother-in-law and christmas, executive producer, subsequently made it clear that the cover-ups were Stanley’s unequivocal intention if it received an NC-17, as opposed to recutting it -- though, more recently, he contradicted himself by family succession planning checklist admitting Kubrick would've simply adjusted the foulcher essay cross-cutting between Dr. Bill and his P.O.V.

I firmly believe that most of the family planning confusion was the egg drop lab essay result of the writers’ inability to fully understand Eyes Wide Shut -- and their refusal to checklist, admit so. There was such a critical controversy surrounding the movie that many critics ultimately reversed themselves. I recall Armond White first dismissed EWS as reverie, then he later criticized other critics for completely missing the film, then he ultimately decided it was very good but not great. Janet Maslin of christmas festival essay, The New York Times left her position shortly after its release, and it has been suggested (without confirmation) that the media’s close-minded reaction was the final straw for business her. Eyes Wide Shut was accused of being as far behind the times as 2001 had been ahead. That’s already been proven incorrect, as its ideas have been absorbed, most recently by Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums , which also featured a stylized version of New York -- however, where Kubrick was charged with inaccuracies, Anderson was praised for originality. Eventually, Eyes Wide Shut vanished from the scene and 1999 seemed to be a year that declared the arrival of younger talents. I couldn’t read any newspaper or watch TV without being inundated by festival essay english the ZEITGEIST. For some, Being John Malkovich summed up the moment.

Others thought it was Magnolia . And Fight Club was even hailed as the future of filmmaking by Film Comment. It wasn’t that Kubrick’s style was so out of touch with modern expectations. He never made films that worked like anybody else’s in any decade. His films existed outside of family succession checklist, time. Designed to thesis defender prize, stand out. Designed to last. Yet subject to the tools and knowledge of their times.

Twenty years ago, Eyes Wide Shut would have received a platform release -- a practice that was still the norm, though it was quickly being superseded by wide first weekends. Now, only movies outside the mainstream that need to build interest, such as art films, are released in stages. Most films are front packed, and if they don't perform on opening weekend, everybody knows as soon as Monday rolls around (even sooner now with Friday-Sunday estimates). Realistically, had Eyes Wide Shut received a platform release in 1999 it would have vanished immediately. It dealt with issues of business, infidelity that made most couples squirm, and the aesthetics were organic -- a far cry from the quickening Avid-edited pace of most films. Egg Drop! Not even the star power of Tom Cruise, who at the time had the family succession planning checklist greatest box office track record ever, with five consecutive $100-million grossing films, could have saved it. In fact, by front packing it, Cruise led the film to gross 50-percent of its total $56-million U.S. box office take in its first weekend. Worldwide it capped at roughly $160-million -- not bad, but unspectacular compared to john poetry essay, average blockbusters. The film was designed to family succession, catch its audience off guard. It was full of tricks. Essay Magic! So much so, that it made the reversals in The Sixth Sense and Fight Club look elementary by comparison.

Eyes Wide Shut was a film that anybody would have had to see more than once if they intended to come to terms with it. It was not easily digested. Family Business Succession Planning Checklist! It was not mindless entertainment or a fun date movie. (It’s amusing to think what might have happened to anchor essays, a guy taking out a girl to see this with the intention of getting laid afterward.) Eyes Wide Shut is a series of reversals and dashed expectations where everybody has a motive and all actions are performances. The title itself is family business, a contradiction; some suggested it was a reference to the “dream logic” the narrative followed -- it’s intentionally ambiguous and many correlations can be found between it and aspects of the film. I believe the title is suggesting people have an inherent inability to foulcher poetry, actually observe and comprehend what is before them. That people create dream worlds for themselves, and all too often accept surface presentations instead of searching the depths which create such illusions. It's also a play about perspective and the limits to what can fully be known and the limits to truth. Needless to say, most audience members who had mentally salivated at the prospect of wall to wall sex with Tom and Nicole were disappointed. And that was the family planning point. Michael Herr, Kubrick’s friend and collaborator, noted that Kubrick must have been severely out of touch if he thought he could get away with that type of marketing campaign in 1999's culture.

Ticket prices were high, and people just wanted to escape life for a couple of hours, maybe get a little aroused. Instead, they received a meditation on lies, marital infidelity, class, procreation and death. The narrative of Eyes Wide Shut is egg drop lab essay, assembled similarly to family business succession planning checklist, most of Kubrick’s post- 2001 films, in that it’s a series of episodes placed together without any overt exposition to bridge them. Essay Explication! This format had many accusing it of being plotless. It isn’t plotless -- the business succession checklist problem is that 99% of all movies follow the same structure, so people have been conditioned from Day One as to how a movie’s plot is supposed to play out. When viewers don’t receive what they expect at any given moment, they become dislocated from the john foulcher essay material, because they’re no longer on a treadmill and have to think for themselves -- not unlike humanity's predicament in Kurt Vonnegut’s Timequake . To complicate things, Kubrick preferred keeping his compositions wide to show people within environments, rarely focusing on a single detail. This created a web of ambiguity for viewers unaccustomed to business succession planning checklist, this, since it’s less obvious what the important pieces are.

It also diminishes the emotional states of the characters. One example of ambiguous composition in Eyes Wide Shut is the use of establishing shots, usually of certain areas in New York. Instead of essay explication, focusing on the street signs, which might have been more helpful to anyone unfamiliar with the business succession environments, the shots are left in detached masters. They don’t always match the following action with Dr. Bill -- a tactic used to mock television’s use of establishing shots for shows shot on sound stages miles away from the actual locations. It’s logical to infer that Kubrick’s style came about through his roots as a still photographer, focusing on exterior observation. By focusing on character actions rather than attempting to justify motivations or emotions, he was accused by some of not being a psychological director. This is incorrect; he just factored more into john poetry essay his observations than the illogical nature of mere human behavior -- such as temporal and succession planning checklist, spatial time, natural sciences and laws of physics. He preferred sociology to essay magic, psychology. His characters didn’t exist in their own worlds where everything was justified to their emotional needs; they existed within a physical universe and had to family succession planning checklist, maneuver through an existence often at odds with their motivations.

And to make matters worse, he often chose the point of view, some would say, of foulcher poetry essay, that physical world, reserving any compassion or sympathy for family business succession planning checklist his characters’ plights. In comparision, The Sixth Sense , released the same summer, differs from Eyes Wide Shut in anchor baby its emotional manipulation of physical reality in a fundamental way. In The Sixth Sense (as with Fight Club ), the main character could only have existed within the scenes dramatized, otherwise the illusion would’ve been shattered -- whereas in business succession EWS , the locations and situations existed with or without Dr. Bill. Kubrick’s use of egg drop lab essay, exposition and mise en scene differed greatly from more modern directors like Martin Scorsese. Whereas Kubrick routinely let multiple pieces of information permeate his compositions, creating a tapestry like Where’s Waldo? , Scorsese has the tendency to focus on only one thing at a time. Business Checklist! With Scorsese, the viewer is never at a loss as to what’s going on; he’s constantly freezing his narratives and fracturing time just to explain the details, as if he’s showing off how much he knows.

Kubrick, on john foulcher poetry the other hand, dramatized scenes as they might actually take place, allowing the characters’ actions to justify the pacing, letting them speak for themselves. Eyes Wide Shut’s main character, Bill Harford, is constantly entering into situations that existed before him, and will continue once he’s gone. Bill is traveling through a series of business planning, future light cones, touring through the ripples of previous events, and the viewer, put in his place, enters into these situations as blindly as he does. Anchor Essays! We’re given no more exposition than the main character. Therefore, what Kubrick established was a method fundamentally at odds with Hitchcock’s subjectivity. Hitchcock built suspense by granting the audience more information than his characters through the use of cutaways, or, in the case of Rear Window , panning away from a sleeping James Stewart to show the murderous events going on across the courtyard. Kubrick, who felt 20th Century art had become too subjective and was in dire need of family, locating a sense of objectivity, would have none of that winking. The first three shots give us our conceptual setup. John Foulcher! The film opens with Shostakovich’s Jazz Suite, Waltz 2 , playing over white on black titles.

It then cuts to an image of Alice Harford, Bill’s wife, nude with her back to us. Alice slips out of planning checklist, her dress, letting it brazenly drop to the floor. The room is brightly lit and mundane with some tennis racquets to poetry essay, the side. Family Business Planning! She’s framed by Roman columns (Italian influences abound throughout the anchor film), juxtaposing classicism with modernism, as Kubrick was often fond of family succession planning, doing. This image is intended to deceive, and it actually calls attention to thesis prize, where our minds are. People seeing Eyes Wide Shut in the theater for the first time had been promised a fair degree of arousal. The opening shot, featuring a beautiful woman without any clothes on, altered none of family succession, these expectations. (It’s integral to note that one’s reaction to lab essay, what follows would be fundamentally different seeing it on video than in a theater. The actual film it was shot on, Eastman 500 EXR, had been underexposed by family succession checklist 2 stops, then pushed another 2 during development, creating a haze of grain that lent it a documentary feel. The effect was rather like Suerat’s pointillism meeting the warm interior lights of Latrec.

Its intimacy was almost embarrassing. Magic! The DVD was cleaned up, slickening the presentation, thereby making it more palatable to succession, audiences. ) After the image of Alice, a title card appears cleverly announcing the film’s title, followed by the second shot: a wobbly establishing shot of an magic, apartment building on Manhattan’s Central Park West. Planning Checklist! What we didn’t notice in the theatrical release, during the essay magic first shot, was the picture’s grain -- we were too fixated on the naked woman. Upon moving to the exterior shot, however, the family checklist audience was thrown a curve. Not only was there a content contrast between the baby two shots, but the picture was literally filled with contrast.

It looked cheap and amateurish. Another thing we were distracted from, due to the image of family succession, nudity, was the attitude by which Alice undressed. Anyone paying attention would have noticed just how bored with contempt she was. John Poetry! She wasn’t even wearing anything below the dress. Business Succession Planning! It can be inferred, when placed within the context of the yeats following scenes, that Alice was unenthusiastically deciding what to wear for succession checklist the party she and thesis defender, Bill were to subsequently attend. For shot #3, upon cutting from the CPW establishing, we find Bill in family business succession planning a tuxedo, standing where Alice was only a moment before. There are major aesthetic differences to be noted: the exterior was lit with street lights, which lent an foulcher essay, amber hue to planning, the winter night, however, inside the light coming through the window is festival english, artificial blue. (The color blue will become an integral part of the film’s mechanics as it progresses.) In one Stedicam shot, with Shostakovich still playing on the soundtrack, Bill wanders through the apartment searching for family checklist something. He calls to Alice who’s off-screen, asking if she knows where his wallet is. John Foulcher Poetry! She suggests it's by the bed, an obvious location, and upon locating it, a look of resentment crosses Bill’s face.

He immediately attempts to deflect his incompetence by accusing Alice of taking her time. (His wallet, as it contains cash and his ID, will become another key motif, consistently offering others his identity and business succession, a means of lab essay, exchange.) Bill enters the bathroom, and family succession planning, we discover Alice on the toilet -- killing our first image of her. Magic! Bill is oblivious and looks at himself in the mirror. Business Checklist! Alice wipes herself, then asks Bill how she looks. He automatically replies without looking, telling her she looks beautiful, which she mocks him for.

He patronizingly tells her she always looks beautiful, then he kisses her on egg drop the neck. Bill walks back into the bedroom and turns off the stereo -- which it turns out was playing the Shostakovich, tricking the audience who assumed it was non-diegetic. ( Jazz Suite, Waltz 2 will appear again during the planning checklist film as a theme for egg drop lab essay the routine of their lives. By using music by both Shostakovich and Ligeti as its main themes, an family business succession, interesting layer has been added: both were composers whose work was done under the rule of Stalinist Soviet Union; both composers’ work was therefore restricted accordingly. These pieces of music help set the tone for john poetry the decadent, post-Cold War America portrayed in the film.) One other piece of information granted us during this setup is a window air conditioner seen repeatedly as Bill passes it.

It’s an business succession, extremely subtle element of the mise en scene, but rather humorous when considering the setting is Christmas time, and the AC should have been removed a while ago. Later on, however, in subsequent scenes, the AC is missing from the window; this is the only time we’ll see it. The AC can be seen as symbolic of Bill and Alice’s frigid relationship, but it also plays into yeats magic the film’s highly complex use of mise en scene: as it’s never seen again, we can be left to ponder whether it was a continuity error or whether it was removed outside of the drama -- though if it was, Alice most likely did the work, because we later see Bill as a lazy oaf after work the family business succession checklist following evening. Prize! The point is: we don’t know. What we have learned drama-wise via these first three shots is that Bill and Alice have been married for a while, and planning, they’re wealthy, living on Central Park West. Anchor Essays! Bill is absentminded, a bit of a boob with things, and he's extremely self-centered. Also, we should prepare ourselves for a certain amount of nudity.

And this narrative is going to consistently play mind fucks with us. We've also been exposed to the film's aesthetic strategies -- the family business blue exterior lights (against red curtains), black against john poetry, white (tuxedo), the thick picture grain, the pairing of diegetic and non-diegetic, and the use of long unedited takes, often shot with a Stedicam. All this, in just 3 shots. Bill and Alice have been married for nine years at this point. Their daily routine has become mechanized. It’s been suggested that Kubrick’s central theme throughout his career was the contrast between things which are mechanical and business planning checklist, those which are spontaneous, contingent or unforeseen. Essay English! More can be made of this. I would like to suggest that the succession planning underlying concept behind these themes is the poetry essay danger of blind faith.

Blind faith, by its very nature, requires a submission of autonomy. Therefore, it lends itself to mechanization because it eliminates the opportunity for family succession checklist someone to actually think and act independently. Thesis Prize! (The Ludovico Treatment, the Doomsday Machine, HAL 9000 or even Redmond Barry’s devotion to his mother and her advice.) Of course, there are pros and cons to family business planning, both consistency and spontaneity. Anchor Baby Essays! Some said Kubrick mocked plans, but that would be an incorrect conclusion based upon his widely reported meticulousness. (During the business succession checklist planning for his fabled film about Napoleon, for helicopter shots, SK reportedly calculated the prize size of the family business succession planning checklist battlefields in foulcher relation to the number of soldiers, as well as determining the speed at which a helicopter would have to fly to business succession planning, pass over all the troops, so he could determine how long the shot would last. Without computers.) Whereas too much planning stagnates and creates an appearance of lifelessness (which Kubrick’s work was certainly accused of), too much spontaneity can lead to egg drop lab essay, an inability to accomplish a desired end. Kubrick believed that most people were incapable of planning checklist, determining the thesis defender methods by which they intended to family business, accomplish their goals. He was able to acquire freedom from time constraints with his work; the success of his films allowed him to take whatever time he felt was needed to create work which he felt most proud of. That way, any malfunctions could be detected within time to be corrected. In the end, of essay magic, course, his time ran out -- his greatest victory, control of time, ultimately begat his downfall. As Eyes Wide Shut unspools, Kubrick begins filling our minds with strange inconsistencies, of which the business succession planning previously mentioned AC is only one.

An obviously missing statue in one scene is another example; a chair that comes and goes near Bill’s front door which he likes to festival essay, place his coat on is another. He’s begging us to wonder whether these things are intentional or not. Bill’s experience is a figurative dream, not the actual narrative of the succession checklist movie. When Alice compares dreams and reality at the end, just before the return of Jazz Suite, Waltz 2 , she’s comparing her dreams to his reality -- and Bill, as a doctor, with little in the way of an imagination, is the butt of the essay english joke. Some critics strangely declared this was Kubrick’s Ophul movie, but a more accurate reference would be that of family planning, Bunuel. Eyes Wide Shut is a surrealist film with a narrative that never resolves its questions.

Furthermore, it was Bunuel who routinely satirized the bourgeois and their dreamlike removal from reality in such films as Belle de jour and The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeois . Bunuel also chose a mundane aesthetic sensibility to heighten the absurdity of the drama -- the john foulcher poetry outrageous presented realistically. Another reference point is Franz Kafka, whom Kubrick believed to be the greatest writer of the 20th Century. Family Business Planning Checklist! Kubrick argued that most film adaptations of his work were misconceived because the filmmakers confused the narrative surrealism for stylistic absurdity, when, in fact, Kafka wrote in a very plain manner. Kafka's aesthetic was to portray insanity as perfectly sane. Surrealism manifests itself in EWS as Bill is so out of the loop during the defender prize day of his odyssey that the unfamiliar events which he stumbles through appear to function with a dream logic. The events are too irregular, and his lack of family planning, experience leads him to paranoia, linking incidents together without any foundation -- and as Bill is the stand-in for the audience, the same confusion takes hold in us as well, just as we're also pouring over anchor baby the continuity inconsistencies. Anyone who’s ever been in family succession planning a similar predicament knows the movie portrays this scenario with scary accuracy. It’s also extremely acute in its rendering of the different worlds Bill steps into throughout the city -- worlds cut off by economic and cultural diversity. In the movie, like life, nothing ever seems to fit together perfectly. No disguise is thesis defender, absolute, hence the need for a disguise in business the first place.

Such is Kubrick’s central theory on relationships and perceived reality in general: trust is the glue which holds all the loose ends together, yet nothing should be blindly trusted. and the whole truth can never be known. SHADOWS ON THE MIRROR: The unspoken secret to understanding the relationship between Bill and Alice can be viewed during the mirror make out scene, accompanied by Chris Isaak’s Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing (which we can assume is egg drop lab essay, playing on their stereo). We see Alice standing in front of a mirror with her back to us. Her front side is represented by planning a mirror’s reflection.

Throughout the film we’re shown characters from behind, then from the front, suggesting a simple formal reversal of perception. Mirrors will also be seen repeatedly in yeats essay the film as a hint of duplicity. The reflection here offers our first glimpse of Alice’s bare front, and as the camera zooms in, Bill approaches from behind. He looks at family business planning her, then himself in the reflection -- comparing image to reality -- then he begins passionately kissing Alice. Egg Drop Lab Essay! We cut closer on their reflected image. Then.

Alice’s eyes open, and family planning checklist, a look of christmas festival essay english, disappointment crosses her face. Without resolution there is a fade to black. Obviously, there’s a problem. The first thing to understand is that they’ve been married for 9 years. We’ve already seen that they’re comfortable enough with each other to family business succession planning, share the essay bathroom. We know that at the earlier party Bill revived a naked woman who had OD’d -- a scene portrayed without a hint of eroticism. He also indifferently (or trustingly) left his wife to fend for herself at a party at which she didn’t know anybody, and didn’t want to be at.

What could cause a doctor, someone who is around nudity without sexuality on a daily basis, to checklist, become so passionate? The act of having saved someone’s life. Bill is foulcher poetry essay, a 40-ish doctor with an overblown sense of ego, and the ability to save someone’s life fuels his God complex. However, he’s a man so self-involved that he’s clueless to anything outside his general grasp. He has everything he wants: a beautiful wife and daughter, a general practice on Park Avenue and a $2-million apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, which contrary to some critical remarks, could easily be paid for succession with a mortgage. There are several things worth noting about this scene. The first, is english, that it’s incomplete. We don’t know the outcome.

Kubrick faded to black just as things seemed to be getting interesting. This was an often repeated tactic in his vocabulary: untimely optical transitions. Family Checklist! (Think: the fade to poetry essay explication, black in 2001 just as Floyd’s recorded message is succession planning checklist, nearing an end, or the dissolve from Mr. Touchdown giving directions in Full Metal Jacket to the actual scene of the crime -- or even the fade out at the end of egg drop, Part 1 in family succession planning checklist Barry Lyndon , while the magic Narrator is still reading Sir Charles’ obituary.) It’s a rude gesture on Kubrick’s part, as most filmmakers want to be as smooth with their audience as possible. The integral piece of information has usually been established, yet instead of resolving the matter at hand, this technique leaves the ending loose, usually to have it played out in the following actions, implying that nothing can be done to alter this fate. (One more note regarding the fade to family business succession planning, black. In theaters, there was a reel change just after the fade, and the transition to the elevator doors opening was extremely abrupt. According to john foulcher poetry essay, Leon Vitali, Kubrick stipulated that his films be screened reel-to-reel instead of on a platter to avoid prolonged scratches.) The question must be begged: did they or didn’t they? Everything we’ve seen about Bill prior to business succession planning checklist, this -- from his indifference with Alice on the toilet and essay, an unflinching professional demeanor when confronted with the nude woman, to his hesitation as Gayle and family business checklist, Nuala proposed to take him, “. Where the rainbow ends. ” -- suggests he’s not exactly the hot-blooded type. The audience, however, used to Tom Cruise’s hero screen persona, has not made the switch.

There’s even a line he speaks during the models' encounter that pointedly mocks Cruise’s image: “Well, that is the anchor baby essays type of hero I can be sometimes.” The subsequent events of the story prove otherwise. Marriage, as portrayed in family business succession Eyes Wide Shut , is not merely a psychological game of emotional manipulation or deceit, but it primarily serves as an evolutionary function for the species. It’s a matter of survival; it provides structure for society, financial security for individuals, maintains population control to an extent, and it subdues to the varying effects that marriages succeed, the defender spread of disease. The problem is business succession planning, not in the intellectual concept or morality of poetry essay explication, one man and one woman, but in the reality of actually applying it to real people. It’s often a case of business, trying to fit a circle (humans: living things capable of choice and emotional response), into a square (marriage: a rigid structure). This single scene, bouncing reality off of the mirror to show disconnect, illustrates the john crutch of their predicament: since Bill is a doctor who practices the hippocratic oath, by definition, he can never be entirely honest with his wife. The event that sparked his libido was saving a life -- and what happened between he and Ziegler was in strict confidence. (It's also this secret event that ultimately saves Bill, since Ziegler owes him.) KUBRICK HATED THE WIZARD OF OZ: Bill’s view of his life is, for all intents and purposes, black white. This is visually played out in several ways: when Bill and Alice initially arrive at Ziegler's party the business succession floor beneath their feet is checkered black white; during Bill and Alice’s argument, he’s wearing black shorts and she white lingerie, and anchor baby, he even dubiously states, “Well, I don’t think it’s quite that black white. Business Planning Checklist! ” Also, at the party, Bill is paired against anchor, Nick Nightingale, and he’s wearing a black jacket while Nick is wearing a white jacket; the newspaper in which Bill reads about Amanda Curran's overdose is black ink printed on family planning checklist white paper; and, most tellingly, we see Bill’s jealous fantasies of Alice with the Sailor played out in his mind in black white.

The black white motif is christmas essay, used to directly counter the “rainbow” of colors awash throughout most of the film. (Remember, The Wizard of Oz pairs BW reality in Kansas against lush color in family business succession planning Oz.) There appears to be a logic to the use of colors which goes as follows: blue represents an artificial or mechanical surface; red represents an internal entry, Eros, or the defender life instinct; orange represents normalcy and family business succession checklist, familial warmth; and yellow represents unreliability and anchor, a lack of control. Red and blue are seen most frequently, often paired within the same shot to contrast each other. Family Succession Planning Checklist! Kubrick paired these two once before during the john poetry opening titles of A Clockwork Orange , and a clockwork orange is, of course, somebody who appears to be living yet is really mechanical. Our first introduction to business, blue is during the tracking shot of Bill at the beginning: there’s a cold blue light seeping through the windows. Defender! As the film progresses, blue begins coming through more and more windows, brighter and brighter, illuminating what we can obviously tell is a false exterior set, literally illustrating the false exterior. As that first shot ends, the lights in business succession the room have been turned off, leaving only two sources of light: the harsh, artificial blue coming through the window and the warm orange lamp light from the hallway.

Bill closes the bedroom door behind him, blocking out the warm light of normalcy, leaving only the cold artificiality of the blue. Kubrick primarily weaves blue, along with the other colors, into the fabric of the mise en scene. Blue is used as a tile on the wall when Bill negotiates entry into Rainbow Costumes, as a stage light at john poetry the Sonata Cafe, as the door to family succession planning, Domino’s apartment, and so on. Red, constantly opposing blue, is seen most prominently during the orgy, where the carpet is bright crimson and anchor essays, the party’s chief is appropriately called Red Cloak. This is business succession planning checklist, where the id has been unleashed, and Bill believes somebody might have given their life to save his. It can also be found as a traffic light outside the window of defender, Rainbow Costumes contrasting the blue tiles, on family planning the neon lights that decorate the essay Sonata Cafe, as well as its dark interior upon Bill’s entrance. There’s even a red neon sign that says EROS in one scene. Orange is the color emitted from all of the normal functioning lights in planning checklist the film’s settings, as it would be.

In this way, orange is natural and de facto in thesis prize its representation of normalcy. Yellow, the business succession checklist final major recurring color, is prominent because of the taxis taken by Bill that are everywhere throughout the city. Just about every cab which Bill comes in contact with screws him in some way. This is the result of his abandoning control to let somebody else manage his means of travel. With the exception of the magic obviously artificial blue exteriors, the color scheme is blended into planning checklist the film by motivated objects. The most obvious of prize, these objects are the recurring Christmas lights (Christmas trees are everywhere as a symbol of family business succession checklist, fantasies and self-delusions, namely by celebrating the birth of a man who purports to defender prize, offer eternal life). The use of the Christmas lights brings up an business checklist, aspect of yeats, Kubrick’s filmmaking which, with the exception of succession checklist, Barry Lyndon’s candlelight sequences, has gone criminally unsung: source lighting. While examples can be viewed in his work as far back as Killer’s Kiss , most of Kubrick’s interiors from poetry explication 2001 on were lit by actual sources, instead of sculpting the light with multiple hidden sources and cut with flags the way most films do. This approach was logical (Where exactly does rim light come from, anyway?), and business planning checklist, created a beautiful naturalism to his work.

It also affected the light timing, in that because we were actually experiencing incident light from definable sources with the light correctly fading to darkness the farther the rays fell away from the bulb, a truer, more inhabitable space was created around the essay characters. This touches on another issue that separated Kubrick from other directors. Family Business Succession Checklist! While many ambitious directors strive to experiment with the latest technologies, Kubrick personally oversaw the creation of new technologies for his films. It was Kubrick who acquired the NASA Zeiss lenses and figured out the means by which they could be attached to john foulcher poetry, the Mitchell BNC cameras for the afore-mentioned Barry Lyndon (with the help of Ed Di Giulio). Also, if you watch the business checklist credits for 2001 , he is listed as the director of the film’s special photographic effects, which won him his only Oscar. Foulcher Essay! (It was all done in-camera; there was no such thing as digital back then.) He was editing on family business succession checklist video, and thesis defender, then computers, using a system called Montage, in the mid-'80s on FMJ , long before Avid became the family checklist standard, and he even created a Video Village of 2-dozen VCRs and monitors to to record and thesis defender, compare takes on business planning checklist set. And for everybody who loves Scorsese’s or Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic Stedicam shots, check out The Shining , done a full decade before Goodfellas . All said, however, he never used technology as an end in itself.

Technology was a means to an end. John Poetry! Even EWS , which has an almost retro feel to it, was shot at times using a robotic camera remote-controled by Kubrick in a separate room from the actors. It is not without good reason that everyone from Arthur C. Clark to the myriad of rocket scientists who advised 2001 , hailed him as probably the single most intelligent human being they’d ever personally known. Eyes Wide Shut is planning, difficultly filled with obscurities. God is in the details. One sequence, in particular, displays Kubrick’s deft use of mise en scene to illuminate or mask information: When Bill first meets Domino, he has just come from the Nathanson apartment. Bristling in thesis the cold night, he reaches a street corner and family succession, waits for the light to change. Domino approaches, dressed in a black white faux fur coat and a short, tight purple dress (purple being the combination of yeats magic, red and blue).

In the background we can see the red and blue neon sign for an XXX video store, subliminally planting sex in our minds. She asks him for the time, which he gives her. As the light changes, we switch to a reverse angle (front and back), leaving the background of the video store for that of a hardware store, grounding us in the mundane world. Bill starts across the street, and Domino starts coming onto him. Bill’s initial impression of her, as is most people’s, is that she’s a prostitute -- however, we’re getting details which subvert this initial reaction. For example, the aggressiveness in planning checklist which she propositions him seems quite unprofessional. Most hookers wait to be approached, or they might say something like, “Hey, baby, want a date?” But they certainly wouldn’t play so hard as follow somebody and walk in front of yeats magic, them, not letting them out of their grasp. Also, just as Domino is asking Bill if he’d like to have some fun, they pass a bright neon sign that reads HOTEL -- Domino then informs Bill that she lives nearby.

Now, I’m not exactly an expert on family business succession planning checklist prostitution, but it seems unlikely to me that a woman would come on this strong and invite a john back to her apartment. Christmas Festival! Prostitution is a business. It’s not personal. It’s selling an image, not a reality. Family Business Checklist! It’s Bill’s lack of experience that leads him to assume her identity. It’s the average man’s impression, too, revealing how men really do think about john poetry essay women. But she's got an agenda. Upon reaching her building, which features red doors, Bill incredulously asks her, “You live in there?” He finally agrees to family business planning, go inside with her, and defender prize, we cut to the interior lobby of the succession checklist building, as they enter. This is typical in foulcher poetry that the planning camera never follows Bill through any doorways; he’s followed directly up to john poetry, doorways, then picked up from the reverse side, as he enters into a different world.

In the corner of the family checklist lobby next to Domino’s door is an abandoned blue baby carriage, mockingly juxtaposing sex as reproduction with sex for money (just as Mandy's naked OD was paired with a painting of egg drop lab essay, a pregnant woman on Ziegler's bathroom wall). The following sequence involves six interior shots and several cutaways to Alice at home. The placement of the camera is central to Domino’s true identity. We start with the camera’s back to the apartment, focused on the front door. Family Succession Planning! The door opens and Domino enters, followed by yeats Bill. The camera tracks backward with them, as they walk into business succession planning the apartment. Bill comments that her small Christmas tree is “nice,” for lack of anything better to say. John Foulcher Poetry Essay! Upon entering the kitchen, which we see is filthy with plates on the table and bras hanging above the bathtub, Domino puts a frying pan aside and comments, “Sorry, maid’s day off.” (This is planning, a marked contrast from the Nathanson apartment where Rosa, the maid, let him in and took his coat.) Are we really supposed to lab essay, buy that this sweet, attractive girl with a messy apartment is a hooker? Again, showing, not telling.

The next shot is a reverse-angle 2-shot of Bill and Domino. We can see more dishes and food on the table, as well as the bathtub in the kitchen (contrasting Ziegler’s luxurious bathroom from the party). A room can be seen in the background, though its details are unassuming. Checklist! Bill asks Domino if she’d like to talk about anchor essays money. She plays along with him, flattered, and is quite surprised when he says he’ll pay $150. Family Business Planning! She sweetly tells him that she won’t keep track of the time, a dead-on clue. Domino’s expressions and facial reactions are highly important in this scene: she's acting.

We now cut away to Alice at lab essay home, staying up to wait for Bill so they can resolve their argument. Bathed in blue light, she’s eating Snackwells and watching Blume in Love , by Paul Mazursy, who starred in Kubrick’s first feature Fear and Desire. Business! Bill, however, in the apartment of poetry essay, a beautiful and willing young woman, is oblivious. We return to Bill and find him in a tight 2-shot with Domino in family checklist her bedroom, as they kiss -- another give away (what hooker kisses on the lips?). This shot, number three inside the apartment, is taken facing the same direction as the previous shot in the apartment.

Then. Bill’s cell phone rings. With the lab essay ring of the phone, we move to a wider shot. Business Succession Planning Checklist! This is now shot four of the festival apartment, and it is from the business same direction as the previous two shots. We learn that Bill was seated on essays the bed with Domino kneeling above him -- as if he’s the patient to her doctor. The camera tracks with Bill as he steps away. Bill turns off the stereo and answers the business planning call.

Two books can be seen on the shelf, one more obvious than the other. The book in plain view is humorously titled Introducing Sociology . (Is Domino a student?) The second book, lying down and difficult to make out, is Shadows on the Mirror , a novel by Frances Fyfield, about a successful woman attorney at a prestigious firm who keeps lonely men company at night. until she finds herself stalked -- a perfect parallel to the film’s plot, both thematically and narratively. This is what I’m talking about with regard to Kubrick’s use of yeats magic, detail. You’d better believe that book is intentional. This is why his films took so long to shoot -- he was making sure that everything within every scene and within each frame played out exactly the way he wanted it to.

After a series of cross-cuts between Bill and Alice, as he lies to her about his whereabouts, we cut to shot #5, a medium close-up of Domino reclining on her bed. “Was that. Mrs. Dr. Family Business Planning Checklist! Bill? This shot is from a different position, yet varies by only ninety degrees to the left.

Bill exhaustedly sits on her bed in shot #6, and we’ve finally gone to a reverse angle on essay our final shot. Business Succession Checklist! And what do we see? A room behind Bill and Domino. John Foulcher Essay! And what room is it? The kitchen. We’ve now seen the entire layout of the apartment. Checklist! There are only 3 rooms: a small living room which they initially entered, the kitchen and the bedroom. Essay! Therefore, Domino’s “roommate” is probably a bit more than a roommate. This final shot of the sequence with Domino contains a subtle zoom, indicating that we’ve just received an important piece of information. (The zoom appears in the film at several integral moments, in family planning varying degrees of size and length.) Bill offers to pay Domino anyhow, though she refuses -- yet another clue. Lab Essay! He insists and places the money in family checklist her hand.

Surprised and baby essays, flattered , she thanks him. The trick is: even if she wasn't a prostitute and she was only acting, by accepting his money, now she's a prostitute. Everything in this film is family succession, specific -- camera directions and dramatic locations alike. We’re constantly being shown establishing shots that cue us to locations which give us a certain amount of information about the rules and wealth of any given area. It also helps drive home how people in New York, like Dr. Bill, live their lives in egg drop lab essay a routine that takes them to the same locations within the city on a regular basis. Their lives become mechanical, and upon family checklist, entering another district, as Dr. Bill does by wandering Greenwhich Village, he becomes lost in another world. Kubrick’s films were visually tight. Essays! So much so, that he was praised as much as he was criticized.

He never storyboarded, though. His feeling was that until he was on the set and staging the family business checklist scene with the poetry explication actors, there was no way to know where the camera should be. The camera’s function for him was to document, not dictate. And he wouldn't quit until he got exactly what he wanted -- whether it meant spending an entire week shooting the brief hotel exchange with Alan Cumming, or even recasting Jennifer Jason Leigh's role as Marion Nathanson with Marie Richardson, when she was unavailable for reshoots. The shoot didn't last 20 months for family planning checklist nothing. GREATEST AMERICAN HERO: Bill is a boob. He’s utterly clueless, and it’s hysterical to watch America’s hero, Tom Cruise, wander through a series of situations that ultimately illustrate him a buffoon. For example, after Nick Nightingale tells him about the poetry essay orgy, there's a cut to Bill’s cab arriving at Rainbow Costumes (he mistakenly calls it Rainbow Fashions).

Bill thanks the driver and tells him to keep the change, then he rings the buzzer and asks for Peter Grenning, a patient of his. Mr. Family Checklist! Milich comes to the door to inform him that Grenning moved over a year ago. This scene features one of the funniest moments in lab essay the film. As Mr. Milich steps out of his apartment, we can see some lights reflected on the glass door of the family succession planning building. These lights are the yeats magic neon signs in front of Sonata Cafe and Gillespie’s Diner. Upon cutting to a reverse we can see both buildings directly behind Bill.

He's apparently hired a cab to drive him to a destination that was right across the street from where he was. The cabby most likely drove around, then dropped his clueless passenger off. Now, here’s a curve ball. The next day when Bill returns to family business succession checklist, Sonata Cafe and finds it’s closed, he steps back and essay, looks around the block; in the background, we can see the building with the storefront that’s supposed to be Rainbow Costumes -- however, it’s been stripped of any visible identification, save the marks of business succession planning, where the thesis defender prize Rainbow sign was. What’s going on?

Is this intentional? Poor production values? No. Succession Planning Checklist! Once again, it’s intentional. Thesis Defender Prize! Like the AC. Like the missing statue. The reason Kubrick has Bill step aside to family business checklist, look around is to deliver this information. Just when we thought we knew what was up, the playing field has been shifted.

Kubrick is baby, refusing to grant us the slightest bit of resolution. The filmmaking itself is weaving paranoia into our subconscious through subtleties like this. And it's these traits that render the film functionally surrealist. There are several other instances where people pointed out, albeit incorrectly, other continuity errors. For example, the 2 times Bill arrives at family planning checklist Somerton, the location of the orgy, it’s from opposite directions. If you pay attention it’s because he takes two different routes. A cab drives Bill the first time; the cab turns off the defender prize highway, and we see a series of shots of the cab riding through a town and a dark rural road, before it arrives at family planning the gated driveway. Bill has been too consumed by feelings of thesis defender prize, jealousy to pay much attention. Family Succession Checklist! On the second occasion, Bill drives himself in the movie’s only scene involving his car. He sticks to the main artery highway and arrives from a different direction. This is the christmas festival only scene in which he drives himself and takes his transportation in succession planning checklist his own hands.

Many people felt that Kubrick had lost his touch, that there was nothing adventurous about foulcher his filmmaking anymore. I assume these are the same people who champion what I term “Commodified Controversy,” something at which Oliver Stone is family business succession, a master. “Commodified Controversy” is exactly what it sounds like: using the media to create a controversy to yeats, help sell your film. In fact, I would argue there’s been so many attempts to shock that nothing shocks anymore; it’s manufactured hype. The corporations, in my opinion, are quite happy with this. By legitimizing rebellion, rebellion is no longer rebellious, and therefore, true rebellion is fringe. Stanley Kubrick was the succession original American independent film prodigy, another concept that’s been exploited to the point of being meaningless. Yeats Essay! He started on his own without a college diploma and shot two DIY features funded by relatives, Fear and family business succession planning, Desire and Killer’s Kiss, before Hollywood took notice and gave him his break. By the time Eyes Wide Shut was released, controversy had taken the form of yeats magic, Fight Club or Natural Born Killers (nowadays it's Bruno ) -- both topical and against the grain, but unlikely to shift the playing field and unwilling to risk commercial losses through bans. Of course, the family climate is different today than in Kubrick’s heyday. A director like Stone can afford to release NBK as an R-rated film in theaters, then promote an unrated “Director’s Cut,” for home video.

For those unfamiliar with Stanley Kubrick’s record, this is thesis defender prize, what real controversy looks like. His 1957 film Paths of Glory , which depicted the French Army’s execution of its own soldiers, was actually banned in France for 20 years. Dr. Strangelove , released in business succession checklist 1964, depicted an American General launching a nuclear strike against the Soviet Union -- it came out four months after JFK’s assassination, and less than two years after the Cuban Missile Crisis. It would be the essay equivalent of somebody today making a comedy about an American staging a terrorist attack, so we could clobber another country. In 1971, he released A Clockwork Orange , one of only two X-rated films to ever receive an Oscar nomination for best picture. After a series of death threats made against him and business planning checklist, his family, he chose to withdraw it from theaters in Great Britain, and defender prize, it remained that way until after his death. I'd like to now discuss the orgy scene.

Dramatically speaking, the orgy is the apex of the movie, conceptually speaking. You want balls? How many major filmmakers would put a twenty-minute sequence in the center of their film where nobody's face can be seen and makes no rational sense to business planning, the average viewer? Dr. Bill wanders into anchor baby an environment that’s as alien to him as to the viewer. He doesn’t belong there. He doesn’t know the rules -- and since he’s our guide, neither do we.

All we can do is try to put the pieces together and, like much of the film, it’s an planning, exercise in comprehension skills. What I can tell you is this: the party is christmas, a variation on Venetian masquerades, Bill’s mask is inappropriate, both Gayle and family business planning, Nuala are likely in attendance, Ziegler is in attendance, and Mandy is in attendance. Detractors commented that the scene had poor sound quality. I’m not sure what they meant by that. Did they want the dialogue to be more stylized? It was lurid melodrama played out by naked people wearing masks. Poetry Essay Explication! It was funny and scary at the same time. The masks and costumes created a sense of fantasy, yet the plain, earnest voices coming from under the masks was comical in its juxtaposition. Some people were so confused that they thought Alice had been at the ball.

For the record, she wasn’t. This completely balls-out bat-shit sequence was criticized by some for not being sexy, or because Dr. Bill doesn't get anything. They're missing the forest for the trees (fig leaves not included). What Kubrick has been building toward with this sequence is a manipulation of the viewer into wanting Bill to cheat on Alice. This is the same strategy he used time and family business planning, again -- convincing the audience to root for john essay the main character to do something bad (the B-52 reaching its target in family business checklist Dr. Poetry Essay Explication! Strangelove , Alex prevailing in ACO , Jack getting his wife in family succession planning The Shining , etc.) It's a moral litmus test for the viewer. GOD IS IN THE DETAILS: While I’ve already pointed out that every detail in a Kubrick film was meticulously arranged, it goes deeper than most imagine. For example, when Dr.

Bill is reading the article about Amanda Curran’s drug overdose, an actual article about the john foulcher incident was written. Planning Checklist! If you freeze-frame your DVD you can read it. Poetry Essay! You’ll notice that the succession planning two final paragraphs read as follows: AFTER BEING HIRED FOR A SERIES OF MAGAZINE ADS FOR LONDON FASHION DESIGNER LEON VITALI, RUMORS BEGAN CIRCULATING OF AN AFFAIR BETWEEN THE TWO. SOON AFTER HER HIRING, VITALI EMPIRE INSIDERS WERE REPORTING THAT THEIR BOSS ADORED CURRAN -- NOT FOR HOW SHE WORE HIS STUNNING CLOTHES IN PUBLIC, BUT FOR HOW SHE REMOVED THEM IN PRIVATE, SEDUCTIVE PERFORMANCES. Anyone familiar with Kubrick’s films would recognize the name Leon Vitali. Foulcher Poetry! He was Kubrick’s personal assistant for succession planning checklist the last twenty-five years of his life. Thesis Prize! He played Lord Bullingdon in family business planning Barry Lyndon , and also Red Cloak in Eyes Wide Shut . But also, if you look carefully at the whole article, it's filled with errors and repetitions, again playing into the question of error versus intent. I’d also like to point out yeats essay magic a scene in which the mise en scene gives us a clue to a character’s motivation: Bill’s visit to family checklist, the Nathanson apartment. This use is simple and logical.

While Bill and Marion are seated, talking about her recently deceased father, also in the room, an IV drip can be seen directly behind Bill. Explication! Bill, Lou Nathanson’s doctor, is family business succession planning checklist, represented as a symbol of life in Marion’s eyes, and the IV is an yeats essay magic, extension of this. Just before Marion deliriously kisses Bill and family business, tells him she loves him, he leans forward and obscures the IV machine, effectively becoming one with this device. Bill, however, is not a machine, just a human. And contrary to popular myth, doctors do not save lives and prevent deaths, they extend lives and foulcher essay, postpone deaths. With Eyes Wide Shut , Stanley Kubrick created a film so layered with latent meaning that it perfectly encapsulated a modern society so overloaded with conflicting and referenced culture that it’s lost its meaning. It is, therefore, a requiem for postmodernism (and not a moment too soon), a movement which his earlier work could quite easily be connected with.

This film dramatizes the ultimate effects that postmodernism has had on our culture, and its reception perfectly illustrated this. Family Planning! We’ve degenerated from a culture which embraced intellectual adventurism and new ideas, making not only critical, but commercial successes out of films like 2001: A Space Odyssey and A Clockwork Orange , to thesis prize, one which criticizes films for checklist being adult and dark, as Jeffery Lyons did to anchor, the Kubrick/Spielberg collaboration A.I.: Artificial Intelligence . Family Business! We no longer make choices based on quality but aesthetics. Our current culture is disposable. And time will render it as such. Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic legacy will continue to grow.

His position as a 20th Century master is assured. His reputation as a maker of many great films is evidenced in the 2002 Sight and Sound poll -- an international event conducted every ten years. The poll is divided into essay two sections, one by directors, the other by critics. Business Succession Checklist! While most directors were lucky to have one film on either list, and a few were lucky enough to have the same film on both lists, Kubrick had a different film on both lists. The critics chose 2001: A Space Odyssey , and the directors chose Dr. Strangelove . I don’t know what the future holds for the medium of film, other than it will no longer be film but digital soon enough. Yeats Magic! I see mixed messages. There are virtually no independent film companies at family business succession this point -- by that, I mean independently financed and released. Egg Drop Lab Essay! While most films are independently produced, they’re being released by studios -- and that means the studios have final say over which films get distributed and succession planning checklist, what they’ll look like. There seems to be no connection between real life and english, our cinematic culture, it’s all been filtered from its source. The studios seem intent on producing big-budget special effects epics without much plot or character -- and as long as audiences choose to see these behemoth, soulless shit festivals, I suppose we’ll be forced to endure them.

I don’t mind this stuff. It’s how the industry has always functioned. There just needs to be room to breathe, that’s all. The democracy of technology has made it easier for artists to get their voices heard. Unfortunately, nobody of any real ability has been able to utilize these tools to propel themselves into the mainstream yet. Means of family planning, distribution will eventually change that. Either through the home manufacturing of DVDs or by the internet. At this point, though, we’re just not there. I’m also pleased that some of the filmmakers who’ve come of age lately have begun inserting more signature points of view into their work, such as Wes Anderson and Darren Aranofsky, while older holdovers like the Coen Brothers continue to go strong. It’s dispiriting to see an entire generation raised on postmodern notions of repetition and borrowing -- one without an intellectual center, since everything seems to baby, be “relative.” The intellectual fault of business planning, this is that it has no foundation; it borrowed a scientific premise based on mathematically observed facts, and incorrectly applied it to everything in life, rendering it valueless and indefeatable. And much worse, it’s the perfect tool for the corporations bent on feeding us repetitious, numbing product.

The greatest act of rebellion anyone can ever hope to achieve -- and essay, Stanley Kubrick was a prime believer in this -- is to actually break the mold and family business succession planning checklist, THINK for yourself: to open your eyes.