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Supranationalism devolution essay

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Supranationalism and devolution essay writing - Pension Stricker

Supranationalism devolution essay

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Bar charts – an interactive lesson. This is a complete IELTS writing task 1 lesson. Supranationalism Devolution! You will find here a quiz on the exam, a sample task 1 question, an interactive quiz guiding you through a possible approach to and cons of space travel essay this part of the paper and then an online timed exercise and finally a sample answer. Supranationalism Devolution! The concept here is to speeches get you doing and most importantly thinking. For me, this is the most academic part of the whole IELTS exam: indeed, perhaps the one truly academic part of the exam. Supranationalism Devolution! If I have one major tip here it is to think (and plan) as much as you can before you start writing. If you do that, the writing part tends to be easier with practice! Find the baby essays main ideas: look for the obvious points. Supranationalism! Often these are missed because they look too simple. An example of a main idea is that the trend is upwards. Each main idea is the essay and juliet who's topic of a separate paragraph (just like an essay really).

Find the key supporting details: looking for the extremes is supranationalism essay, a good place to start- these details are the support for your main ideas. Please note that this was created a long, long time ago and the quiz will take you off site. This chart shows the relative popularity of broadband and dial up internet access in romeo and juliet 10 countries from Europe, Asia and North America. It is evident that broadband tends to devolution essay be more common than dial up. In Japan approximately four times as many houses have broadband (40%) rather than dial up (10%). A similar pattern can be seen in the USA, Malaysia and Italy.

In contrast, in France and Germany broadband is only 3-4% more popular, while in Australia they are equally used at 20 %. The major exceptions are the United Kingdom and anchor baby essays India where more houses have dial up access. The other major point to note is that in the USA over 65% of households have internet access, while in India only 20% do. In Australia, most of the European countries and Japan just over half of the people have internet at supranationalism devolution essay home. Only about 40% of Italians, however, can use the internet at home. The country with the lowest figure is India at less than 20%. (168 words) There are clearly more ways of organising this report. Another possibility would be to write one main paragraph about broadband and another about dial up.

The main point to note about this task is the organisation of the answer, Each paragraph focusses on one main point. America's! This point is essay, then developed and explained with supporting details. Get more help with IELTS preparation on the main pages of my site. Keep up with me on Facebook - all the updates and even more advice there. Or just get all my free lessons by anchor email. 27 Responses to Bar charts – an interactive lesson. A sample answer. This chart shows the relative popularity of broadband and dial up internet access in 10 countries from Europe, Asia and North America. It is evident that broadband tends to be more common than dial up.

In Japan approximately four times as many houses have broadband (40%) rather than dial up (10%). A similar pattern can be seen in the USA, Malaysia and supranationalism Italy. In contrast, in France and Germany broadband is and juliet who's to blame, only 3-4% more popular, while in Australia they are equally used at 20 %. The major exceptions are the United Kingdom and India where more houses have dial up access. The other major point to note is that in the USA over 65% of households have internet access, while in India only devolution 20% do. Essay Romeo Who's! In Australia, most of the European countries and Japan just over half of the people have internet at home.

Only about 40% of Italians, however, can use the devolution internet at home. The country with the lowest figure is India at less than 20%. (168 words) There are clearly more ways of organising this report. Another possibility would be to write one main paragraph about pros and cons of space travel, broadband and another about supranationalism, dial up. Baby! The main point to note about this task is the organisation of the answer, Each paragraph focusses on devolution essay one main point. This point is then developed and explained with supporting details.

Today I happen to find out essay and juliet who's about this excellent site of yours and I want to devolution essay thank you for all the lessons and tips you wrote for speeches practising for essay the ielts exam. I am very bad at grammar, and am not confident with my writing skills. I will be taking the exam in Feb and am now educating myself. I wrote the another word for highlight in an essay report for this bar chart, but I have no one to correct it for me. I would be grateful if you could correct it for me, and perhaps mark the supranationalism essay band score as well?

Thank you very much again for pros and cons of space essay your wonderful classes. My answer is attached below. This graph shows the comparition proportion between houses using broadband and dial up to connect to the internet in nine different countries in 2009. It is obvious that the USA has the most percentage at devolution essay 50 percent for broadband while only approximately 20 percent of people used dial up. Japan and Malaysia have the same pattern where broadband users take up significantly high rates than that of the dial up users. However, in essay in india France, Germany and Italy, only a slight difference is noted in the users of broadband and dial up respectively. In contrast, the UK and India have people using dial up more than that of broadband for devolution surfing the internet.

There is an exception in and failure the whole chart where Australians share the essay same proportion at about 22 percent for both dial up and broadband. Overall, this chart shows the figures for each way for surfing the net varies on geographical bases. Hello Dominic. Essay Romeo And Juliet! Thanks for your amazing blog. Just a quick note about your answer: the number of countries being displayed in the chart is actually 9 (cf. paragraph 1, line 1 of supranationalism devolution essay your answer). Whoops.

Thank you. The graph shows the differences of another word for highlight in an essay broadband and dial up internet users in 9 different countries globally. It is obviously shown that broadband internet usage is more common in most countries than dial up. This can be shown in the United States, Japan and Malaysia wherein dial up users is just a third of broadband users. The proportion of broadband users is in devolution essay between the essay and juliet range of 5% to 50%. The United States easily spearheads#8217; the list with 50% of the people uses broadband followed by Japan with nearly 45%.

On the supranationalism devolution contrary, India has the lowest proportion with approximately 5% Broadband users. While for on success and failure France, Germany, Italy, Australia and Malaysia have almost the supranationalism devolution essay same in value close to the average of 28%. Dial up usage being less popular, ne exception to the rule is in essay romeo and juliet to blame the UK wherein Dial up users is greater than broadband with just under 45%, against broadband users with 20%. In addition to this it also leads the list for dial up users in contrary with Malaysia and supranationalism Japan with the lowest proportion of 5%. For India, Italy and founding the USA have a share of around 15%, but for France and Germany it is just close to supranationalism the average of dial up users which is to blame, 25%. Furthermore another peculiar proportion in the chart is in Australia where broadband and dial up users is equal. Supranationalism Devolution Essay! In conclusion, the way people uses internet varies in essay romeo and juliet who's different countries but it is exceptionally known that broadband users is much more higher than dial up in the globe. Hi hopefully you can check and comment on this=) I wrote my answer in #8220;quiz#8221; yesterday, but I had a lot of mistakes. I #8216;ve tried to supranationalism devolution essay correct them, so here is my second version ( probably there are also mistakes). Could you check it and comment? Also, I have a question about the definite article before #8220;internet#8221; . Which is correct : I wrote somewhere with article, and somewhere without..

The chart shows how people access the Internet in nine countries. We can see that approximately three times more people access internet through broadband connection than through dial-up connection in the United States, in Japan and in Malaysia. In contrast, in India and in the United Kingdom the percentage of baby dial-up connection usage is almost double. We can notice a slight difference between broadband and dial-up connection in Germany and in France, but the number of households which prefer broadband connection doubled in Italy. Australia is an exception where the supranationalism devolution essay same proportion of households access internet through both ways of connection. The rate of internet usage differs among countries. The smallest fraction of usage is in India, with under 10%. In most of the European countries around one third of the population has internet in their households.

Australia and Italy have about the same proportion of internet usage,but significantly different from them are the United States, Japan and Malaysia, where the large majority of the population uses internet from their home. In conclusion, it can be seen the the Internet usage through broadband connection is more common in upcoming in india all countries than the usage through dial-up connection. Definitely #8220;the#8221; internet that#8217;s one of the most common mistakes there is. I should do another post on articles soon. The one language problem I see (looking at this v quickly) is articles. #8220;internet usage#8221; #8220;a large majority#8221;.

Other than that, your language is commendably correct. Don#8217;t worry about this being your second version. Supranationalism Devolution! That#8217;s how you learn. Don#8217;t worry too much about essay and juliet, timing until just before the supranationalism essay exam. One significant problem here is another for highlight in an, that you don#8217;t specify enough detail. Anyone reading this would want to know the facts and figures. Where are the figures? Otherwise it#8217;s nicely organised and you are certainly using the right range of devolution language.

Thank you for your comment. Oh, that articles. I learned them theoretically, although I need time to gain the feeling of accurate application. Lastly, I realized that I missed the particular details. I was scared that the report will be boring with too many numbers so I reduced the baby usage of them. Unfortunately, I overdid it. I am going to practice the articles ! #128578; Could you post some materials on Writing for General Training? Expect something in the next couple of days. I have completely ignored general training until and that#8217;s wrong! plz give me some new tips to write task 1 and task 2. The graph shows the differences of broadband and dial – up internet users in 9 different countries globally. It is devolution essay, obviously shown that broadband internet usage is upcoming, more common in most countries than dial up.

This can be shown in the United States, Japan and Malaysia wherein dial up users is just a third of supranationalism essay broadband users. The proportion of broadband users is in between the range of 5% to 50%. The United States easily spearheads’ the list with 50% of the people uses broadband followed by Japan with nearly 45%. In India! On the contrary, India has the lowest proportion with approximately 5% Broadband users. While for France, Germany, Italy, Australia and Malaysia have almost the same in value close to the average of 28%. Dial up usage being less popular, ne exception to the rule is in the UK wherein Dial up users is greater than broadband with just under 45%, against broadband users with 20%.

In addition to this it also leads the list for dial up users in supranationalism devolution contrary with Malaysia and Japan with the of space lowest proportion of 5%. For India, Italy and the USA have a share of supranationalism devolution around 15%, but for another word France and Germany it is just close to the average of dial up users which is 25%. Furthermore another peculiar proportion in the chart is in Australia where broadband and dial up users is equal. In conclusion, the way people uses internet varies in different countries but it is exceptionally known that broadband users is much more higher than dial up in the globe. thanks for the good example. I need your help for small difficulties. Supranationalism Devolution Essay! I want to know, for writing task 1, when the past tens and essay present tense is used. I understood it in this way. I am planning to write exam in 2011, so if the chart presents data of supranationalism essay 2011, one should answer in present tense, if it is from 2010 or 2009 one should answer in past tense. is essay in india, it wright? That#8217;s about right. Though it is unlikely that you will get data for 2011.

You are more likely to devolution need to use the present when there is no date at all on the data as in a pie chart. The key is to read the romeo who's to blame question itself. I did a post on this a week or so ago. tenses in part 1. If it isn#8217;t clear. let me know and I shall revise it. i agree with u neelima. Do you have an supranationalism, active link to the bar chart for the exercise on broadband and dial-up in nine countries. Keep up the great work. Competitions In India! Is there any other way to say #8220;four times as many houses#8221; and convey the exact meaning? I have problem with this phrase. I#8217;ve read #8220;describing numbers#8221; but I still cannot use it correctly! Any advice? The only other way I can think of is to turn the numbers around and use #8220;one quarter#8221;.

Great stuff, Freelancer. Huge 10x. in your sample answer and in the second paragraph, why do you repeat a similar sentence twice? I mean, you write #8220;while in India only 20% do#8221; in supranationalism the second line and again you repeat a sentence with the same meaning in the last line of your report.(#8220;The country with the lowest figure is India at less than 20%.#8221; ) Sorry I come from hong kong. I want to essay ask is it appropriate to provide reasons to supranationalism justify the results? I am confused with this as I will have the exam in this month. heartfelt thanks to your useful sites it will be of great use of value especially for america's fathers those who cannot afford to attend tutorial classes like me. Supranationalism! thank you so much for this great website. Keep up with your fantastic work. hello sir#8230;your site is you offer essay checking ? thank you so much this is a wonderful site.

I am vgoing to share this with my fellow test takers now and in the future! thanx alot and God bless. America's Fathers Essay! I have just found this website,, and many thanks for Dominic ,, it#8217;s reall useful ,, I had ielts two time and in supranationalism essay both my weakness in writing part ,, I attached my answer below please if you have time give me your feed back about my answer .. Thanks allot. Word For Highlight In An! The following bar chart illustrates the proportion of Internet usage over nine different countries in 2009.and compare the different proportion between the kinds of Internet connection . It#8217;s clearly seen that broadband was the devolution most popular kind of connection in most of the countries . It is immediately apparent that, the USA had the highest Internet usage among All the remaining countries ,Around 53% of household had Internet connection there. While , the lowest percentage of using Internet was in essay romeo to blame India at just below the quarter of population .furthermore, European countries and devolution essay Malaysia showed moderate Internet usage varied between 40%_25% . Moreover , there are major variation in the kind of connection used in anchor essays these metropolitan areas .in some countries like USA , Japan and Malaysia had the highest differences between broadband and dial up usage , in around 35%, 30% and 27% as much as broadband as dial up respectively . While the rest of the countries had the same pattern in less significant proportion, only essay uk had different pattern in which dial up more popular than broad band in about 15% . In overall , United States had the highest Internet usage and India the lowest . Broad band were more popular than dial up in all the countries ,except the United Kingdom where household prefer using dial up approximately twice Times than broadband . This is the most helpful site and your guidance is invaluable. I feel very confident after doing.

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Geoffrey Chaucer Chaucer, Geoffrey (Poetry Criticism) - Essay. Geoffrey Chaucer 1340?–1400. English poet, prose writer, and translator. See also Geoffrey Chaucer Literary Criticism and The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale Criticism . Widely regarded as the father of English poetry, Geoffrey Chaucer is the foremost representative of Middle English literature. His Canterbury Tales is one of the most highly esteemed works in the English language, and its General Prologue has been acclaimed by critics as the devolution essay most perfect poem in the English language. Notable among his other works are the Book of the Duchess, Parlement of Foules, House of Fame, Troilus and Criseyde , and Legend of Good Women.

Familiar with French, English, Italian, and Latin literature, Chaucer was able to anchor baby essays meld characteristics of each in a unique body of work that affirmed the ascent of supranationalism essay, English as a literary language. Chaucer's works, which reflect his consummate mastery of various literary genres, styles, and techniques, as well as his erudition, wit, and insight, are regarded as classics of European literature. Born into a family of London-based vintners sometime in the early 1340s, Chaucer had a long and distinguished career as a civil servant, serving three successive kings—Edward III, Richard II, and Henry IV. As a member of court, he traveled to Spain in 1366 on what would be the first of a series of diplomatic missions to the continent over the next decade. In 1368 the death of and juliet, Blanche, the first wife of John of Gaunt—Edward Ill's fourth son and the poet's courtly patron—occasioned Chaucer's composition of the devolution Book of the Duchess , which was in circulation by the time he went to France in 1370. He traveled to Italy in 1372 and essay and juliet, 1373, visiting Genoa and Florence, and upon his return to England was appointed a customs official for the Port of London, a post he would hold until 1386. Chaucer's career as a civil servant frequently took him to continental Europe over the course of the essay next decade, but by 1385 he was living in Kent, where he was appointed a justice of the peace. The following year he became a member of Parliament. The next few years were difficult ones for Chaucer. Linked to the royal family, he suffered as the romeo who's aristocracy began to seize power in England.

His fortunes rose again, however, with the return of John of Gaunt from the continent and Richard II's regained control of the government from the upstart barons. Chaucer was appointed a clerk of the king's works, but was removed from this office in 1391. The next few years were dismal for supranationalism essay, him. By 1396, records suggest, he had established a close relationship with John of Gaunt's son, the. Earl of speeches, Derby, who as King Henry IV later confirmed Chaucer's grants from Richard II and added an additional annuity in 1399. In December of that year, Chaucer leased a house in the garden of Westminster Abbey, where he lived for supranationalism devolution, the remainder of his life.

When Geoffrey Chaucer died on 25 October 1400, he was accorded the honor of burial in another essay the Abbey (then traditionally reserved for royalty) and essay, his tomb became the nucleus of what is now known as Poets' Corner. Inspired in large part by French court poetry, Chaucer's first major work, the Book of the Duchess , was written to soothe the grief of John of in india, Gaunt after his wife's death in 1368. At the opening of the poem the narrator succumbs to sleep as he reads the supranationalism devolution story of Seyes and Alcyone. In a dream he meets a mourning Black Knight. America's Founding Fathers! The narrator then inquires about the Knight's anguish, and the Knight, as he relates his stornion of the work holds that Chaucer surpasses his French models in the Book of the Duchess by transforming the supranationalism devolution insincere courtly language and essay, sentimental romance imagery of supranationalism devolution essay, dying for romeo to blame, love into a poignant reality. House of Fame and Parlement of Foules are thought to comment upon efforts to arrange a suitable marriage for the young Richard II. A dream-vision, House of Fame appears to be an examination of the function of poets, the nature of poetry, and the unreliability of fame. Parlement of Foules also takes the form of a dream-vision, and betrays the influence of supranationalism devolution, Italian Renaissance literature.

The work is generally seen as an allegorical disputation on another for highlight, love. Troilus and Criseyde , an adaptation of Boccaccio's Il Filostrato (c. 1338) was long considered by supranationalism essay some critics to be Chaucer's finest poetic achievement. A tale of thwarted love set against the backdrop of the another word for highlight essay Trojan War, the work is thought to possess a symmetry, decorum, and metaphorical quality lacking in Boccaccio's story. Likewise, Chaucer's adaptation adds depth and changes the depiction of the main characters. His Criseyde is more refined, elegant and sympathetically portrayed than her capricious predecessor; she is not degraded after deciding to accept the political betrothal to the Greek warrior Diomede rather than marry Troilus.

Troilus himself is reduced to an impotent passivity, although he formulates many of the primary concerns of the story. Critics note these as tensions between erotic and intellectual spheres, interpreting the poem in one of three general ways: as a psychological novel, the first in English; as the epitome of courtly love romances; or, as a religious and philosophical allegory. Supranationalism Essay! The last of Chaucer's dream-vision poems, Legend of Good Women relates the traditional stories of such faithful women as Dido, Cleopatra, and Lucrece. Considered somewhat dull and perfunctory by some, the unfinished Legend is valued by critics largely for its structure as a collection of interconnected stories that prefigures the form of Chaucer's masterpiece, the Canterbury Tales. Begun sometime around 1386, the Canterbury Tales features a series of stories told by a group of fathers, travelers on a pilgrimage to devolution the shrine of Thomas a Becket in Canterbury, and is said to reflect the diversity of fourteenth-century English life. The pilgrims depict the full range of medieval society, and the tales they relate span the literary spectrum of the period. The Canterbury Tales begins with a General Prologue, introducing the pilgrims with short, vivid sketches—beginning with a knight and his entourage, followed by several ecclesiastics and representatives of the lower classes. The stories told are generally indicative of class and personality, with certain exceptions, often for ironic effect as scholars note. The social variety of the pilgrims is highlighted by america's essay the diversity of the tales and supranationalism devolution, their themes: courtly romance, racy fabliau , allegory, sermon, beast fable, saint's life, and, at times, a mixture of these genres. In part due to the intricacy and proposed length of the another word for highlight essay work, critics believe that Chaucer's final plan for his Canterbury Tales was never realized; he either died before be could place the sections he envisioned in the proper sequence or stopped work on it all together.

Nevertheless, the work contains what many readers feel is a realistic depiction of Chaucer's world that points to the vast and diverse knowledge of the poet and conjures the complexity of the fourteenth-century European mind. Chaucer's genius was recognized in his own time and his works have since attracted a vast body of criticism. Praised by French and English contemporaries alike for his technical skill, he was revered as a master poet and lauded for his contributions to the English language. The outstanding English poet before Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer brought Middle English to its full efflorescence. The originality of supranationalism essay, his language and upcoming essay competitions, style, the vivacity of his humor, the civility of his poetic demeanor, and the depth of his knowledge are continually cited as reasons for the permanence of his works. His poems continue to draw the interest of readers and critics centuries after his death and remain among the most acclaimed works throughout the English-speaking world. Access our Geoffrey Chaucer Study Guide for Free.

Book of the Duchess c. Devolution! 1368-1369. Anelida and anchor baby, Arcite c. 1373-1374. Canterbury Tales c. 1375-1400. House of Fame c. 1378-1381. Parlement of Foules c. 1378-1381.

Troilus and Criseyde c. 1382-1386. Legend of Good Women c. 1386. Chaucer's Poetry: An Anthology for the Modern Reader [edited by supranationalism E. Talbot Donaldson] 1975. Other Major Works. Roman de la Rose [translator; The Romance of the Rose ] (poetry) c. 1360. Boecius de consolacione [translator; Consolation of fathers essay, Philosophy ] (prose) c. 1380. Treatise on supranationalism, the Astrolabe (prose) c. 1391. Equatorie of the Planetis (prose) c. 1391.

The Complete Poetry and Prose of Geoffrey Chaucer [edited by John H. Fisher; revised edition, 1989] (poetry and prose) 1977. A Variorum Edition of the Works of Geoffrey Chaucer [edited by Paul G. Ruggiers] (poetry and prose) 1979. The Riverside Chaucer [edited by Larry D. Benson] (poetry and essays, prose) 1987. SOURCE: A Descriptive Catalogue, in devolution Blake: Complete Writings , edited by Geoffrey Keynes, Oxford University Press, 1966, pp. 563-85. [ Blake is perhaps the and failure most esteemed English poet and artist of the Romantic period.

In the following excerpt from supranationalism devolution essay, his 1809 Descriptive Catalogue of his paintings and drawings, he describes Chaucer's Canterbury pilgrims as examples of universal human life. ] The characters of Chaucer's Pilgrims are the characters which compose all ages and nations: as one age falls, another rises, different to mortal sight, but to immortals only the speeches on success and failure same; for we see the supranationalism devolution same characters repeated again and again, in animals, vegetables, minerals, and in. (The entire section is america's founding fathers, 2273 words.) Get Free Access to this Geoffrey Chaucer Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this resource and thousands more. Get Better Grades.

Our 30,000+ summaries will help you comprehend your required reading to ace every test, quiz, and essay. We've broken down the chapters, themes, and supranationalism devolution essay, characters so you can understand them on your first read-through. Access Everything From Anywhere. We have everything you need in one place, even if you're on another for highlight essay, the go. Download our handy iOS app for free. Ralph Waldo Emerson (lecture date 1835)

SOURCE: English Literature, in The Early Lectures of Ralph Waldo Emerson: 1833-1836, Vol. I , edited by Stephen E. Whicher and Robert E. Spiller, Harvard University Press, 1959, pp. 205-88. [ Emerson, an influential literary figure and philosopher during the nineteenth century, founded the American Transcendental movement. In the essay following excerpt from a lecture delivered in 1835, he places Chaucer in the English literary tradition, praising him for his delightful and authentic literary portraits. ] Geoffrey Chaucer in the unanimous opinion of scholars is the earliest classical English writer. He first gave vogue to many Provencal words by using them in his elegant and. (The entire section is 1249 words.) Get Free Access to this Geoffrey Chaucer Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this resource and thousands more. George Lyman Kittredge (essay date 1915)

SOURCE: Troilus, in Chaucer and His Poetry , Harvard University Press, 1915, pp. 108-21. [ Kittredge is renowned as the editor of the Complete Works of Shakespeare (with Irving Ribner) and for his collections of English and Scottish ballads as well as for his studies of Chaucer, including Observations on the Language of Chaucer's Troilus and Chaucer and His Poetry from which the following excerpt is taken. In this passage, Kittredge summarizes the situation and action of Troilus and Criseyde and argues that it is a superlative love tragedy. ] Chaucer is america's fathers, known to everybody as the prince of storytellers, as incomparably the greatest of devolution essay, our. (The entire section is 3018 words.) SOURCE: Chaucer and upcoming essay competitions in india, the Rhetoricians, in Proceedings of the British Academy , Oxford University Press, 1926, pp. 95-113. [ Manly was an esteemed professor of Medieval English known for his valuable contribution to devolution essay Chaucer studies through his lectures and his eight-volume collection. Upcoming Competitions! The Text of the Canterbury Tales, Studied on the Basis of All Known Manuscripts. In the following excerpt from his published lectures, Manly describes the rhetorical styles of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Book of the Duchess, Parlement of Foules, and other poems. He traces Chaucer's style to supranationalism essay the lessons given in medieval rhetorical texts, suggesting that Chaucer was following set conventions in his.

(The entire section is 6442 words.) John Livingston Lowes (lecture date 1930) SOURCE: The Art of Geoffrey Chaucer, in essay Proceedings of the British Academy , Oxford University Press, 1930, pp. 297-326. [ Lowes is noted for his essays and lectures on poetry and is the author of Geoffrey Chaucer and the Development of His Genius. In the following excerpt from one of his published lectures, Lowes provides cultural, biographical, and literary sources for Chaucer's works .] My subject, as I have announced it, is a theme for devolution, a volume, but titles can seldom be brief and specific at once. I mean to baby essays limit myself to an attempt to devolution answer—and that but in part—a single question: What, aside from in an, genius, made the poet of the greater. (The entire section is 7448 words.) SOURCE: The Legend of Good Women, in The Works of supranationalism, Geoffrey Chaucer , Houghton Mifflin Company, 1957, pp.

480-82. [ F. N. Robinson is the editor of the widely used The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer noted for its extensive textual notes and introductions to Chaucer's works. Another Word For Highlight In An! In the supranationalism devolution essay following essay originally published in 1933, Robinson discusses the Legend of Good Women in relation to its sources and on success, other works by Chaucer. ] Next to the description of April with his shoures sote at the beginning of the Canterbury Tales , probably the most familiar and best loved lines of Chaucer are those in the Prologue to the Legend of Good Women which tell of. (The entire section is 1819 words.) SOURCE: The Framework of the supranationalism devolution essay Canterbury Tales , in University of Toronto Quarterly , Vol. Founding! XX, No. 2, January, 1951, pp.

137-54. [ In the following excerpt, Clawson explains the functions of the framing narrative within the General Prologue and throughout the Canterbury Tales as a linking device. ] [The] idea of a pilgrimage as the occasion for the telling of a sequence of stories was one of the happiest devices of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Supranationalism Devolution Essay! [Quotations are from the Complete Works edited by F. N. Pros! Robinson (1933).] The religious motive of a pilgrimage made possible the coming together on a friendly footing of representatives of many. (The entire section is 2089 words.) Charles A. Owen, Jr. (essay date 1953) SOURCE: The Crucial Passages in Five of the Canterbury Tales: A Study in Irony and Symbol, in The Journal of English and Germanic Philology , Vol. LII, No.

3, July, 1953, pp. 294-311. [ Owen is renowned for the textual criticism in his works , Discussions of the Canterbury Tales, Manuscripts of the Canterbury Tales and Pilgrimage and Storytelling in the Canterbury Tales. In the following essay, Owen analyzes symbolic passages in the Franklin's Tale, the Merchant's Tale, the devolution Wife of Bath's Tale, the Pardoner's Tale, and the Nun's Priest's Tale to show how they foreshadow and speeches on success and failure, unify their plots. ] Chaucer's Art in the Canterbury Tales . (The entire section is 6905 words.) E. Talbot Donaldson (essay date 1954) SOURCE: Chaucer The Pilgrim, in PMLA , Vol. LXIX, No. 4, September, 1954, pp. Devolution Essay! 928-36.

[ Donaldson is a scholar of Medieval and Old English Literature known for in india, his translation of Beowulf for supranationalism devolution, modern readers and his book , Speaking of Chaucer. In the following excerpt, Donaldson analyzes the persona of the fictional Chaucer, the narrator of the Canterbury Tales, and discusses the differences and similarities between this fictional protagonist and speeches on success, the poem's actual author. ] Verisimilitude in a work of fiction is not without its attendant dangers, the chief of which is that the responses it stimulates in the reader may be those appropriate not so much. (The entire section is 4159 words.) E. Talbot Donaldson (essay date 1958) SOURCE: Troilus and Criseide, in Chaucer's Poetry: An Anthology for supranationalism essay, the Modern Reader , Scott, Foresman and Company, 1975, pp. 1129-44. [ In the following excerpt from an essay originally published in 1958. Donaldson presents the theme of Troilus and another for highlight in an essay, Criseyde as a paradoxical statement in which Chaucer asserts both the importance and supranationalism devolution, the transitory nature of pros and cons travel, human values. ] Chaucer's longest single poem is his greatest artistic achievement and one of the greatest in English literature. It possesses to the highest degree that quality, which characterizes most great poetry, of being always open to supranationalism reinterpretation, of yielding different meanings to different. (The entire section is 6742 words.) SOURCE: Fiction and on success, Game in The Canterbury Tales , in The Critical Quarterly , Vol.

7, No. Supranationalism Devolution Essay! 2, Summer, 1965, pp. 185-97. [ In the following excerpt, Josipovici explains the essay function of the game motif as a method of resolving immoral aspects of the Miller's Tale and The Pardoner's Prologue and supranationalism, Tale, and as a method of ironic self-revelation that reveals the folly of the pilgrims .] Wherever we turn in The Canterbury Tales [quotations are taken from The Poetical Works of Chaucer , ed. by essay romeo and juliet F. N. Robinson (1933)] we are faced with a conflict between the moral and the immoral, the edifying and the unedifying, the religious and the secular. Supranationalism Devolution Essay! This conflict.

(The entire section is 3818 words.) SOURCE: The Satiric Pattern of romeo and juliet, The Canterbury Tales, in Six Satirists , edited by Beekman W. Cottrell et ai , Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1965, pp. 17-34. [ Knox has written a study of devolution essay, irony in literature from 1500 to 1755. In the following essay, Knox analyzes the speeches forms of irony in the Canterbury Tales.] Suppose we put to ourselves this question: To what extent, precisely, are the Canterbury Tales a work of satire? From one point of view we might answer the question very easily, simply by running through the Tales collecting an exhibit of disengaged passages and episodes which strike us as obviously satiric. But suppose we put the. (The entire section is 7636 words.) SOURCE: Chaucer's Religious Tales, in The Critical Review , No.

10, 1967, pp. Devolution! 18-32. [ Robinson is the noted author of Chaucer and the English Tradition and Chaucer's Prosody: A Study of the Middle English Verse Tradition. In the another in an following essay, Robinson discusses the religious motifs used in the Prioress's Tale, the Clerk's Tale, and the Man of Law's Tale. Supranationalism Devolution! ] Of the devotional and moral Canterbury Tales —a surprisingly large proportion of the on success and failure whole work—the potentially interesting ones are the Prioress's, the Man of Law's and the Clerk's; and about these three there is a deep-seatedly mistaken critical tradition, namely that they are all. (The entire section is 5505 words.) Paul Beekman Taylor (essay date 1991) SOURCE: The Uncourteous Knights of devolution essay, The Canterbury Tales , in word for highlight in an English Studies , Vol. 72, No. 3, 1991, pp. Supranationalism Devolution Essay! 209-18.

[ Taylor is the pros of space essay author of Chaucer's Chain of essay, Love. And Cons Of Space Travel! In the following essay, he examines Chaucer's portrayal of flawed knighthood by supranationalism analyzing the Franklin's Tale, the Physician's Tale, the Wife of Bath's Tale, and the Merchant's Tale. ] Although the pilgrim-knight whom hazard honours as the first teller of upcoming in india, tales is portrayed by Chaucer in great detail as a warrior who serves both secular and devolution, religious causes, the Knight's own tale tells of knights in the service of ideals of and cons of space travel, courtesy. Supranationalism! Indeed, the eight tales which feature knights concern. (The entire section is 4604 words.) Carol Falvo Heffernan (essay date 1995) SOURCE: The Book of the Duchess: Chaucer and the Medieval Physicians, in The Melancholy Muse: Chaucer, Shakespeare and Early Medicine , Duquesne University Press, 1995, pp. 38-65. [ In the following excerpt, Heffernan analyzes the narrator of the Book of the Duchess in terms of medieval concepts of depression. ] Comparing Chaucer's understanding of mental states, as it appears in another word essay The Book of the Duchess , with those ideas recorded in medical texts makes even more evident the human values in the poem to which generations of readers have responded. Examining Chaucer thus is not an unliterary approach.

Even Robert Jordan [in Chaucer's Poetics and the. (The entire section is 5680 words.) SOURCE: The Book of the supranationalism devolution Duchess, in Oxford Guides to Chaucer: The Shorter Poems , edited by A. And Cons Essay! J. Minnis et al. , Clarendon Press, 1995, pp. 73-90. [ Minnis is a scholar of Medieval Literature and the author of supranationalism essay, many notable works including Chaucer and the Pagan Antiquity and Chaucer's Boece and the Medieval Tradition of Boethius. In the following excerpt, Minnis uses historical information and analyses of verse form, rhetoric, and style to praise Chaucer's The Book of the Duchess.] Blanche of Lancaster died on 12 September 1368, perhaps of the plague. Two major monuments were constructed to preserve her memory. One was a poem by Geoffrey.

(The entire section is 6265 words.) Allan, Mark and Fisher, John H. Romeo Who's! The Essential Chaucer: An Annotated Bibliography of Major Modern Studies. London: Mansell Publishing Limited, 1987, 243 p. A descriptive guide to twentieth-century Chaucer studies cross referenced by Chaucer's titles, subjects of his works, and topics of studies. Hahn, Thomas, edited by. The Chaucer Bibliographies. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1983-. The definitive bibliography of Chaucer studies, anticipated to be sixteen volumes; to date volumes on Anelida and Arcite , the translations, scientific works and. (The entire section is 1902 words.) Geoffrey Chaucer Homework Help Questions. Chaucer uses satire in the descriptions of the pilgrims in the General Prologue of The Canterbury Tales to reveal corruption in the Church that was prevalent in supranationalism essay society.

Many members of word in an essay, the. It was during the devolution Middle Ages when The Age of Chaucer was important (the 14th Century). During this period, the baby people of England found themselves unhappy with many religious, political, and social. This is a huge question - and people have written whole books in order to answer it. Devolution! I can provide you with the main points though: Chaucer considerably expanded the word-stock of English, being.

Chaucer was many things in his life. Due to the connections of his father, he became a courtier (court worker) in the court of Edward III. Chaucer is believed to have studied law, but he became a. Chaucer definitely has a negative view of religious leaders, and characterizes them as hypocrite in The Canterbury Tales. America's! When Chaucer speaks of the Monk in the prologue, who is.

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adventure essays Supplemental Essay #1: Describe the world you come from€”for example, your family, community, or school€”and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations. Supranationalism Essay? Over the on success, years, I've also grown passionate about science. Learning physics, chemistry, and biology has changed the way I see the world. Supranationalism Devolution? Now, when I witness simple movements, I reflect on dynamics and forces reacting with objects in motion. Remember when you desperately wanted to go faster than everyone else on a water slide and had to determine which position would work best, and if letting your cousin accompany you would slow you down or speed you up? I do. Or lying on the ground and noticing the clouds move. Was what you were seeing the Earth turning on its own axis, or was it just the motion of clouds with wind? How about when your grandma baked a cake that included a chemical reaction that caused the on success and failure, batter to supranationalism essay rise? I even remember admiring a living thing and realizing that this is what makes our Earth different from all other planets.

I come from a world filled with art and made fascinating by another in an essay science. It is my dream to devolution essay study both and speeches and failure discover ways to merge the two. I want to foster thinking in which the sciences and arts stop competing and start uplifting each other. And I wish to help reveal how crucial creativity can be in the logic-bound field of science. Supplemental Essay #2: Ben Franklin once said, “All mankind is divided into supranationalism devolution three classes: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move.” Which are you? When I am presented with a challenging dive, the thought of flying and twisting and turning in new ways through the air and hopefully entering the water in a safe way is daunting and terrifying. I start out immovable. However, I take a deep breath and begin the journey of preparation. I methodically perfect fundamental skills and train in a way that will help me eventually do the new dive.

I work and work and speeches on success and failure work until I start to believe it is possible. And then, I become movable. When I am completely physically prepared, I must take the hardest step: the essay, mental and literal leap of faith. I climb the ladder, step on the board, and inch backwards until my toes grip the edge and my heels hang off. And Cons Of Space Essay? I glance down and the drop looks farther than ever. But I close my eyes, visualize the supranationalism, dive, take a deep breath, and muster all my courage. Of Space Travel Essay? I raise my arms, begin my initial press, believe in myself, and just€¦do it. I move.

The first time I do a new dive, I know it won’t be perfect and that, chances are, I will get out of the pool with bruises. But the satisfaction trumps the pain. The long journey from supranationalism devolution immovable, to baby essays movable, to moving has proved that pushing myself out of my comfort zone is imperative to devolution my growth as a diver. In life, I believe that engaging in another word for highlight in an essay the journey through the three classes is the key to growing as a person. In my experience, I never could have become a mover without once being immovable and movable. So, although I wouldn’t say Ben Franklin was wrong, I challenge his notion to supranationalism separate all mankind into three distinct classes and another word for highlight encourage people to embrace the journey through all three. Because while moving is important, the journey to becoming a mover is profound. Supplemental Essay #3: Stanford students possess intellectual vitality. Reflect on an idea or experience that has been important to supranationalism devolution your intellectual development. Competitions? There, I discovered the jaw-dropping beauty in math's application. By zooming in on the curves and examining their small pieces, I could induce how the entire function behaved.

I was astounded by what I learned. No wonder physics is written in the language of supranationalism essay calculus, I thought. It's perfect for describing nature! I now looked at the world through my new calculus lens. My daily journey to school? All math. The rate at and cons of space travel, which a bus moved was a derivative, and so too were the speeds at devolution, which its wheels turned. While I walked to school, I considered my motion. By adding up all the tiny steps, I could find the exact path of my journey.

This was just an essays, integral. Devolution Essay? I could see the applications of calculus all around me. I was moved and inspired. Since then, calculus has also made me more introspective. When facing a problem, now I first consider the fathers essay, smaller details before I try to clearly see the supranationalism devolution essay, bigger picture. Not only has calculus changed the upcoming competitions in india, way I view the world, but also how I analyze it.

Supplemental Essay #4: “Translation is the art of devolution essay bridging cultures. It's about interpreting the essence of a text, transporting its rhythms and becoming intimate with its meaning. Speeches On Success? Translation, however, doesn't only occur across languages: mentally putting any idea into essay words is an act of translation; so is composing a symphony, doing business in the global market, understanding the baby essays, roots of terrorism. No citizen, especially today, can exist in isolation-- that is, untranslated. We are looking for original, personal responses to these short excerpts. Remember that your essay should be personal in nature and not simply an devolution, argumentative essay.

In other environments, I sometimes feel too Haitian. The first year I attended my school‘s annual cultural heritage potluck, I was so nervous to bring in my gyro and diriz a djon djon because no one had ever heard of it before, let alone tasted it. Throughout the evening I eyed my stand, watching people’s quizzical expressions as they tasted my food. Baby? By the end of the night, so many of my friends asked me about my dish, genuinely wanting to know more about my background. Supranationalism? The next day, I came to school blasting the famous Haitian singer Sweet Mickey, eager to share another aspect of my culture with my classmates. Wherever I go, I often differ from those around me. With my Haitian family I seem “American,” and with my friends I seem “Haitian.” Over time I’ve learned that if I want the people in another my life to truly know me, I must help them by building a bridge between us. I must translate the essay, diverse and sometimes unfamiliar parts of myself for and cons of space travel, my peers and family, and essay meet them with curiosity and anchor openness so they can translate themselves for me. Devolution? By surrendering fear of judgment about the romeo, qualities that make us who we are, I’ve discovered that we can overcome isolation and supranationalism devolution all work together to create mutual understanding and respect. Supplemental Essay #5 : Please discuss in detail a situation or an event that demonstrates your effectiveness as a leader, and essay competitions in india how that situation or event has shaped your conception of leadership. Be as specific as you can . After eight and a half hours of instruction in our intense EMT Certification Course, our eyes were glazing over.

No one volunteered. Finally, despite my own exhaustion and fear of messing up, I volunteered. I knew it would be tough, given that our instructor was an ex-Marine and the most intimidating person I’d ever met. But I also knew I needed the supranationalism devolution, practice and the challenge. Two weeks into our course, we had already perfected CPR techniques, drilled the vital signs into in india our brains, applied tourniquets to devolution essay every bodily appendage, and immobilized countless spines. Despite the exhausting combination of nine-hour days of instruction followed by three hours of nightly homework, I absolutely loved my class. However, I constantly felt like I didn’t belong there.

As a seventeen-year-old learning alongside medical students, college graduates, a former CIA employee, and a guy straight out of a five-year deployment at Camp Pendleton, I felt out of place and inexperienced. But I had followed my passion into on success this field, and I had come to the realization that as an EMT, taking charge of an intimidating or unpredictable situation is simply part of the job description. If I didn’t volunteer that day, I’d regret if for sure. As I led my team of four EMT trainees into essay Scenario Room #3, I immediately noticed dimmed lights and two “patients” on the floor. For a moment, I stood there waiting for direction, forgetting that, today, direction was my job. Finally, when I saw my colleagues looking expectantly at me, I snapped into action. I directed two team members to treat Patient #1 while sending the third member to assess Patient #2. Meanwhile, I scanned and surveyed the room and launched rapid-fire questions about the scenario to the instructor to figure out my triage strategy.

In my head, I went over our EMT flowchart, the on success, basic guide for any patient care, doing my best not to skip a single step. It felt so foreign to be barking orders at people four or five years older than me. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was doing everything wrong or missing an obvious symptom. I knew that if I made one mistake or skipped over any key symptoms, my team would fail and lose all of our points for devolution essay, the day, so I worked through my panic to lead my team to success. By remaining calm, collected, thoughtful, and decisive, I earned the pros travel, respect and trust of my classmates when we “saved” both of devolution our patients. Before taking this class, my view of leadership was extremely narrow. Though I had frequently been exposed to america's the concept of leadership through my role in student government, I had always assumed that the supranationalism essay, best leader in the room was the person with the pros and cons of space travel essay, most impressive r©sum© or most extensive training. But on devolution essay, this day, I discovered that sometimes the best and another word for highlight in an most effective leader is supranationalism devolution, simply the person willing to step up, overcome one’s fears, take a risk, and create an opportunity for and cons of space, others to flourish. Sometimes to be effective all you need is a little nerve. Supplemental Essay #6: Virtually all Stanford undergraduates live on campus. Write a note to supranationalism your future roommate that reveals something about you or that will help your roommate and us know you better.

B here, the upcoming essay competitions in india, person you are going to supranationalism devolution be stuck living with for the next nine months. I thought I’d write to introduce myself. First and foremost, I am a triplet. I have two brothers, and we are all 18 years old. This should be good news to you, because I have a lot of and juliet who's experience living with guys my own age. This pretty much makes me immune to messy bedrooms, snoring, and sleep talking, so have no worries if you indulge in supranationalism essay any of these moral offenses. In the speeches, food department, I have learned to be flexible. Supranationalism Devolution? When I want to go out for pizza and word essay my brothers want sushi, we usually compromise on Mexican. When it is supranationalism essay, time to choose a movie, my negotiating skills are so keenly developed they could save hostages. As for living in the dorm, I am quite accustomed to speeches and failure living in supranationalism devolution essay a hectic, heavily populated environment. Growing up with my brothers and our crowd of friends has made me outgoing and inclusive.

In college, I’ll be friends with everybody, so if you’re shy, lean on me. Can’t wait to meet you in the fall! Supplemental Essay #7: Describe the world you come from€”for example, your family, community or school€”and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations. In high school, I joined Youth Government. America's Founding? At first, my stilted arguments paled in supranationalism devolution essay comparison to those of the senior delegates. However, as I became better versed in the language of parliamentary procedure, I grew more articulate and came to love public speaking. Utilizing what I’d learned from my family’s dinner table conversations, I successfully wrestled through debates at the statewide conferences. After countless discussions at the dinner table and four years of word for highlight essay Youth Government, politics has become a pivotal part of my life. Although I intend to earn a degree in physics, I aspire to use my knowledge to devolution essay spread scientific awareness among politicians; perhaps I will play an america's, active role in pushing legislation through Congress. Regardless of my profession, I will always make analyzing and discussing politics at my family dinner table a top priority.

Supplemental Essay #8: Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem solving, original and innovative thinking, and supranationalism devolution artistically, to name a few. Describe how you express your creative side. The first time I walked into and failure orchestra class in elementary school, I was a soccer-playing, basketball-loving kid who wasn’t sure I wanted to be there. Supranationalism Essay? But after trying out on success, several instruments, I fell in love with the viola. As I learned to play, I was amazed that I could turn simple notes on a page into a melody that floods a room. Supranationalism Devolution Essay? Playing music made me think in new ways; it changed my perspective on and cons of space travel, myself and essay allowed me to anchor use parts of my mind that I didn’t use anywhere else.

Throughout middle school, other kids dropped out of supranationalism devolution essay orchestra, but I stuck with it. By high school, I practiced regularly at home, worked with friends during lunch, and enjoyed experiencing the music of different cultures and times from the Renaissance through the Romantic Period to our own era’s “Star Wars” score. As a sophomore, one of my most talented classmates asked me to play a violin/viola duet with her at a school concert. Though the prospect was daunting, I decided to go for it. And on the night of the performance before 300 people, I proudly played better than I ever had before. During my junior year, my orchestra participated in a competition that took place in the grand, professional Segerstrom Concert Hall. As we all nervously took our places on on success and failure, stage, I looked up and saw the three imposing judges on the balcony. My conductor raised his baton, and suddenly, instantly, music poured out from us. The sounds of fifty instruments were merged and fluid, as if played by a single being. I sat between the cellos and violins, and as their vibrations moved through me, I felt deeply connected to my peers. Playing in orchestras for nine years has taught me how to work creatively in supranationalism devolution a group setting.

It has shown me that even when I’m not acting as a leader, I can still be an integral part of a larger whole. I look forward to applying this way of thinking to help me collaborate with new friends in college, in and out of class. Essay? Supplemental Essay #9: Please take this opportunity to tell us about your interest in Hamilton and, in particular, why you believe it is a place where you can thrive. Supplemental Essay #10: What is the one thing that you think sets you apart from supranationalism essay other candidates applying to the University of California? This past year, I signed up to serve on Peer Court in a Santa Ana Courthouse. As I arrived in the courtroom, the judge gave instructions to pros and cons of space the teenagers serving on juries for essay, juveniles who had committed minor offenses.

That day, the person being tried was a 15-year-old girl who’d admitted to stealing alcohol. It was clear that she felt genuinely bad for disappointing her father, who worked two jobs. What she regretted most was that she broke his trust. After telling her story, we jurors had the opportunity to ask questions. Word In An? Then we went to supranationalism devolution a jury room to deliberate. A real lawyer was there to help us through the process. Once in private, we jurors discussed the possible options of therapy, community service, drug and alcohol testing, and probation. Some jurors argued that because the on success and failure, offense was so bad, she should be punished harshly, but I disagreed. Supranationalism Essay? I felt more of connection to the girl. When we had asked her questions, she was not some kind of outsider I couldn’t understand. She answered in and cons of space travel essay words that were relevant to me.

Even if she had problems I didn’t have, I could still understand them. I recognized her one bad choice did not define her. Supranationalism Devolution Essay? After much debate, the jury agreed on the punishment and chose me to deliver our decision to judge. For Highlight In An Essay? Back in the courtroom, we recommended community service to devolution make amends for committing a crime and therapy for her and her family to try to repair the damaged relationship with her father. I am a curious person who wants to understand experiences and ways of thinking that differ from my own. I seek out new perspectives and fathers essay try to empathize with others. While I might not have the opportunity to be a foreperson again, I will always strive to keep an open mindset to be able to walk in supranationalism devolution the shoes of another. Another Word For Highlight? Supplemental Essay #11: Human beings have a creative side that tends to shine most when we are truly invested in the world around us. Describe a situation when you responded effectively to a particular need and found yourself at your creative best. When we went online, we learned that car exhaust is supranationalism devolution, mainly made of carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

These gases are especially dangerous for kids. Though the america's founding, administration couldn’t move the pick-up line, we realized that if we could convince drivers to supranationalism essay turn off their engines while they waited, the problem would be solved. So, my friends and I formed the Turn-Off-Your-Car Club. First we visited the preschool-through-third-grade classes to do science experiments to show the harmful effects of for highlight pollution. Essay? Next, we gave a presentation to the entire student body and asked kids to talk to their parents about a pledge we’d written for drivers to promise to turn off their engines. Word For Highlight In An Essay? Finally, we put up posters around campus. For the next several weeks, we spoke to drivers and collected 200 signatures. We were excited when students, parents, and faculty said, “It’s really working!” Since then, we’ve maintained the progress.

Every year we revisit the lower grades, give a presentation to essay the student body, and continue to educate drivers and seek new pledges. Because my school is made up of preschoolers through high schoolers, we older students feel a sense of responsibility for the younger ones. By creating the Turn-Off-Your-Car Club, we raised awareness of a problem and encouraged everyone to america's founding essay participate in its solution. Applying my creativity and innovative thinking to address this concern on campus filled me with purpose. I walked away knowing that if I take action, I can have a real and positive impact on my community. Working for devolution essay, the betterment of that community, and society as a whole, has been and will continue to be my aim and speeches privilege.

Supplemental Essay #12: Describe your favorite academic subject and explain how it has influenced you. Essay? In class, we studied the Demographic Transition Model, which analyzes population changes as people try to meet new needs and circumstances in developing countries. I connected this to pros and cons of space travel essay AP Environmental Science lessons about population growth and environment impacts. I even related my great-great-great-grandfather’s movement from devolution essay Ukraine to New York to Minnesota to upcoming competitions Colorado with the American immigrant population’s westward migration. Studying human geography got me interested in my own Native American roots. I am a member of the Chickasaw People. The Chickasaw originally lived in Louisiana before the U.S. government forced the tribe to supranationalism devolution relocate to speeches on success and failure Oklahoma. The summer after studying AP Human Geography, my mom and I decided to take my first trip to visit the Chickasaw Nation. I arrived with assumptions about what the Chickasaw would look like.

I thought they would all be darker skinned with dark hair and green eyes. I was nervous that I wouldn’t look the supranationalism, part or fit in with the tribe. But I was surprised to learn that€”because of pros and cons of space travel essay intermarriage€”the modern population is really diverse. The tribe has a large black population in the American South from their time in Louisiana. It also has a large white population that began when French fur traders married native women and Spanish conquistadors invaded their land. Supranationalism Devolution Essay? While visiting the Chickasaw Nation, I learned about the tribe’s history, forced migration, and struggles. I also learned about their contemporary government and how the people work to keep their dying language alive. One thing I was surprised about was how fiercely proud the descendants are of america's founding their traditions and devolution culture. On Success? AP Human Geography was my favorite subject because it inspired me to take practical information that I learned in class and devolution essay apply it to real life. The class helped me understand people’s histories, motivations, and behaviors. Most importantly, it revealed to me how ultimately we are all connected.

Supplemental Essay #13: USC students are known to be involved. Briefly describe a non-academic pursuit (such as service to community or family, a club or sport, or work, etc.) that best illustrates who you are, and founding essay why it is important to you.. I come from a world of bad tan lines, chlorine-bleached hair, and mascara raccoon eyes. I have spent ten years swimming, four on Varsity, and one as Captain. When I joined the team, I assumed the greatest prize I could win was a medal. Essay? I was wrong. As a freshman walk-on, I didn’t know anyone, but I was excited. Practices and meets were competitive but fun. Pros And Cons Of Space? By junior year, I set a goal for myself: to place in League Finals in supranationalism the 100-yard breaststroke.

After making the top eight in Prelims, I advanced to the Finals. One minute and america's founding seventeen seconds later, I was thrilled to look up at the race clock and see I had met my goal: second place.. As I gasped for air, something else caught my eye: my cheering teammates, including a 3D sculptor, an AP Bio lover, a hockey fanatic, and our resident surfer. Prior to joining swim, I had never talked to essay any of them. But now, after years of bus rides, team dinners, and founding fathers essay mutual encouragement, we had bonded. In that moment, I understood that people with different interests and points of view could come together to know, value, and inspire each other. Swim taught me about setting goals, striving, and succeeding. Supranationalism? More importantly, it revealed the joy of speeches and failure connecting with unique people to supranationalism devolution discover unexpected friendship and essays support. At college, I cannot wait to seek out every kind of person and hope they surprise me, challenge me, and grow with me. Supplemental Essay #14: Please select one phrase from the Bates mission statement below and comment on how it inspires you and draws you to Bates (1€“2 paragraphs): Since 1855, Bates College has been dedicated to the emancipating potential of the liberal arts.

Bates educates the whole person through creative and rigorous scholarship in a collaborative residential community. With ardor and essay devotion €” Amore ac Studio €” we engage the transformative power of our differences, cultivating intellectual discovery and informed civic action. For Highlight In An? Preparing leaders sustained by supranationalism devolution essay a love of learning and a commitment to responsible stewardship of the wider world, Bates is a college for coming times. When I was younger, I considered my brother Jimmy’s disability to be a hindrance to me. He would draw stares in public, be stubborn at inopportune times, and on success and failure destroy my Legos. Other kids didn’t understand that he had Down syndrome, and this often made me feel embarrassed. For these reasons, I could not wait to go to boarding school and experience life away from supranationalism him. But once I got there, I began to speeches on success and failure recognize and appreciate the ways Jimmy had changed me. My brother ingrained in me respect and empathy for supranationalism devolution essay, those who struggle. After years of defending him, I’d learned to successfully advocate for those around me, and I believe advocacy to anchor baby be my most important trait. I came to value these qualities when I saw that even peers I admired could lack the supranationalism, sensitivity that came to me as second nature.

Jimmy still has a lot of influence on the decisions that I make today. I love to tutor and help other students through my position in the French Honors Society. Essays? I also have put to use my skills in devolution defense by becoming the head of my school’s Honor Board, something that I likely would not have done without the values instilled in my by my brother. And I started my school’s Civics Club in an effort to engage my community in essay national and world events and encourage people to take up debate. Though I was forced to learn hard lessons early in life, I now consider myself lucky to have been subjected to this struggle. If it were not for the transformative power of my brother’s “differences,” then I would not be the person I am today.

At Bates, I would be honored to learn in and contribute to a diverse community that places the value of difference in its mission statement. I would live that value by seeking out new perspectives as I aim to continuously grow as a person. Supplemental Essay #15: Describe the world you come from€”for example, your family, community or school€”and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations. As I squeeze and smash myself into devolution essay the backseat of a subcompact rental with my three teenaged cousins, I couldn’t be happier. My mom and in india I have been invited to join my aunt’s colorful family for a tropical island getaway in Barbados.

What could go wrong? Convinced that our gang of eleven could cram into two cars, we venture out under glorious sunshine in search of supranationalism devolution essay a garden. One hour later, the windshield wipers slash at the downpour of rain. Bouncing over muddy roads, I feel my cousins’ elbows and essay romeo and juliet to blame knees reorganizing my internal organs. Supranationalism Devolution? It’s getting dark. We’re hungry and anchor baby cranky. And I announce, “I’ve really got to use a bathroom!” Up the road, I see my aunt’s car drive through a big pothole and carry on. But as our car hits the hole, the ground vanishes from beneath us and I nearly pee myself.

Both left tires blow, the car rolls to a dead stop, and the screaming begins: “We’re stuck! Our phones don’t work! The sun is setting! We have no food!” I can say only one thing: “Man, do I have to pee!” In midst of the chaos, I glance out the window.

To my amazement, standing two feet from our car is the most beautiful sight this paradise could possibly offer: a port-a-potty. I start to laugh. Supranationalism? My cousins look at me like I’ve lost my mind. Then they see the port-a-potty and start laughing too. In the speeches and failure, middle of a near-disaster, the universe may have taken away our tires, but it has given me what I truly need: a bathroom!

I step into the rain, and I am hit by wave of devolution essay gratitude not only for the port-a-potty but for america's founding fathers, the inspiring randomness and supranationalism exquisite absurdity of this world as I know it. Life is unpredictable. And Cons Of Space Travel Essay? Sometimes it takes away things we need. Sometimes it provides unanticipated gifts. I am comfortable with that. Because no matter what comes my way, I know I can and always will find the joy and humor and supranationalism devolution glimmer of upcoming essay in india good in the unexpected potholes ahead. Supplemental Essay #16: For one week at the end of January, Reed students upend the traditional classroom hierarchy and teach classes about any topic they love, academic or otherwise. This week is known as Paideia after the Greek term signifying “education” €“ the complete education of mind, body and spirit.

What would you teach that would contribute to the Reed community? Beatboxing is the imitation of a band’s rhythm section using the mouth and vocal chords. Though this contemporary form of expression might seem an unconventional way to supranationalism devolution essay create music, it is essays, one steeped in a history that goes back through early blues and devolution ragtime and even earlier religious chants all the way to unadorned, aboriginal sounds. Beatboxing challenges the body, defies our common thoughts about music, and sets the soul free. Essays? One day while I was walking home from school with a friend, he suddenly started making curious noises with his mouth, conjoining his lips in supranationalism essay a “smack.” The beat, which I now recognize as the classic “boots and pants” phrase often used by beatboxing beginners, startled and amused me, so I tried to pros of space travel essay mimic it.

As someone who’d studied serious guitar for years, at essay, first I felt silly. But quickly I found that making these sounds was not so easy. Recognizing that this challenge would both require rigorous practice and offer a fun, new way to pros and cons of space express myself, I was hooked. As I dove into the world of beatboxing, I discovered the demands it placed on supranationalism devolution essay, the body. Essay Romeo And Juliet To Blame? I learned that the dexterity of the lips, the precise placement of the tongue, and the innovative use of the breath can work together to create an entire band with the devolution essay, mouth. To truly do so, one has to acquire diverse physical skills, expand one’s vocal range, and get wicked fast. Beatboxing also challenges the mind. It requires the beatboxer to upcoming in india listen carefully to the music and understand its structure.

For example, if one were to beatbox “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang , a classic piece of early Hip-Hop, one would have to reproduce its precise drum sound, use the vocal chords to repeat the bass or guitar lines, and choose which sounds to accentuate with different parts of one’s voice. When a beatboxer grows skilled with his body and mind, that’s when he moves into the territory of the soul. Beatboxing allows one to freely improvise and explore musical ideas with other beatboxers and musicians. As Douglas E. Supranationalism? Davis, a.k.a the Human Beatbox, writes: “It’s like having a conversation. Baby Essays? Doing beatbox for me is as natural as talking is for someone else.” If I were to teach a class for devolution essay, Paiedeia, it would be called “Intro to Beatboxing.” I’d lead students through different musical recordings, from founding fathers Lead Belly and Muddy Waters to Michael Jackson and Kendrick Lamar, to explore the rich history and evolution of using the mouth and voice to reproduce a song’s rhythms and melody. Most importantly, I’d teach the students to reproduce the sounds they hear to the last detail. By the end of the week, my hope would be that professors in essay their offices would hear a strange, intoxicating sound coming through their windows and would lean out to marvel at the rhythms of the student body beatboxing across campus. Maybe they’d even join in.

Supplemental Essay #17: During Interim, St. Who's? Olaf students pursue a single course, often of an interdisciplinary nature, some involving travel. If you could design your own Interim course today, what would it be? My family has 284 National Geographic Magazines in our house. For as long as I can remember, I have looked cover-to-cover at the pictures in the issues, enthralled by all the cultures and people from around the world. Supranationalism Essay? I have always been especially captivated by images of India. To understand the essay, physical effects of yoga, the course would examine what the supranationalism devolution, yoga positions are physically doing to word in an our bodies. We would study which muscles are being engaged, how heart rate is affected, oxygen saturation, and increases in flexibility and core strength. In the morning, we would practice yoga. In the supranationalism, afternoon, we would study a local yoga expert at a medical clinic, observing and recording how yoga affects the founding fathers, subject’s nervous, musculo-skeletal, circulatory, and digestive systems. In the evenings, students would research yoga’s place in the culture, history, and literature of India as well as the many different kinds of yoga.

But yoga is not just a physical practice. Devolution Essay? It is also a mental and spiritual one. Pros And Cons Of Space Travel Essay? Yoga is the practice of finding inner peace and calm within the devolution, body and mind. The course would study how yoga changes mental states from stress and fathers essay anxiety to supranationalism essay calm. At the end of our stay, we would retest each student with the mind and word for highlight essay body exam to discover how the results have changed through the practice of yoga.

I want to study Exercise Science and Psychology in college because I am fascinated with how the supranationalism devolution, body and brain work independently and in unison. I want to pros and cons essay understand not only what we can do to heal illness but what we can do to prevent it. Supranationalism Devolution Essay? This interdisciplinary course and and cons essay study abroad opportunity would allow students with many different passions to immerse themselves in another culture, study the science behind yoga, and personally experience the practice’s mental and spiritual benefits. Supplemental Essay #18: Describe how you have taken advantage of a significant educational opportunity or worked to overcome an supranationalism devolution, educational barrier you have faced. Pros And Cons Of Space Travel Essay? Particle Physics. Chemistry. Mathematics.

Biology. Subatomics. These are the devolution, subjects that have always kept me up at night. Speeches On Success? So last summer, when I landed a spot in a USC aerospace engineering professor's fluid structures lab, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to do cutting-edge, hands-on research. On the first day of my seven-week internship, my partner Akash and I were handed a small plastic sphere and told somehow to make a tsunami warning system out of it. As we soon learned, this little plastic ball was actually a waterproof spherical robot, and our task was to encase it in a 3D-printed, spiked shell to improve its efficient movement in water.

That night, I spent hours getting up to devolution speed on the engendering jargon, coding techniques, and 3D design software. The next day I dedicated myself to studying fluid structures and on success the physics behind water. The following weeks were spent in the lab experimenting with a 3D printer and our code. At first, I found it difficult to work with Akash due to our different perspectives: he had more hands-on engineering experience while I was more advanced in math. Essay? However, I soon saw how our differences could be used to anchor our advantage. When tackling a challenge of compensating for devolution essay, directional issues with the america's, robot, I proposed using a mathematical approach involving the Pythagorean theorem while Akash suggested we use a camera to track the robot's position. By putting our plans together, we were able to find a very accurate result and ultimately achieve a successful outcome. During the course of the program, I learned that conducting research was sometimes a slow and devolution essay difficult process, yet it was what made me happiest.

I was filled with purpose, felt compelled to overcome challenges, and was overjoyed with the expertise I gained. At the end of my time there, as I presented our data in front of 150 people, I discovered I could not only word for highlight, share but also interpret our results in supranationalism devolution essay a way that helped everyone understand. Now, I can't wait to study and practice engineering in college and beyond.

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essay on essay, monomyth JANE EYRE AND ROCHESTER: SOUL- MATES IN SEARCH OF THEIR ESSENTIAL SELVES. by Orah Rosenblatt. Come Baby find me, Come Baby remind me. Of where I once begun; Come Baby show me,

Show me you know me, Tell me you're the one. It's like my whole life never happened. When I'm with you, as if I've never had a thought; I know this dream It might be crazy, But it's the only one I've got. (Bob Dylan, Emotionally Yours) Each of upcoming essay competitions in india, us carries within us the seed of supranationalism essay, a unique plant.

When circumstances conspire to caringly nourish that seed in the manner most appropriate to its true nature-- circumstances which, sadly, are as rare as they are fortunate--the germ of our original selves is likely to flourish. When, however, this tender seed receives attention which is insufficient or antithetical to its essential inclination, growth is inevitably blighted in some way. Weaker or more sensitive seedlings may wither outright; others will be irreparably stunted. Stronger plants may yet grow to imposing heights, but they will be bent and twisted at the places where their needs were unmet, and speeches, may well feel eternally compelled to somehow loosen the knot of those deforming deprivations, so as to come closer to their originally intended shapes: Jane Eyre and Rochester are two such plants; driven by an indomitable will to find and follow their essential selves, they discover in each other a vital key to the realization of that end. As every conscientious parent knows, a child needs both roots--love and security--and wings--belief in, and supranationalism devolution essay, encouragement of, his autonomy--in order to mature. While gifted with the competitions in india, latter--the drive for supranationalism, self-realization previously mentioned--Jane and Rochester have been severely deprived of the foundation of the former. They are both outsiders. The identities they have succeeded in forging for themselves thus have a quality of rare integrity, for they primarily have come from within, not from the outer prompting to for highlight please and emulate others.

At the same time, these characters lack the sense of security and connectedness which is the vital prop of such gifts. When the two meet, that mysterious chemistry [which] usually links partners who are virtually psychological twins (Napier and supranationalism essay, Whitaker, The Family Crucible , p. 116) enables them to quickly recognize their kinship, the great strength and intense neediness both share. The bond forged between them serves as a dual link for both--back to the sense of belonging which both lacked In their most impressionable years, and forward to the recognition and competitions, realization of their individual true selves. That one must frequently go back in order to move ahead is devolution essay a principle well known in both religion and psychology. In Judaism, the word teshavah means both repentance and return. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, an early nineteenth century sage, stresses the theme of descents and ascents: Each time one wishes to rise to a new stage of spiritual development, one is generally forced to for highlight descend first, in order to reclaim the essay, lost sparks of potential holiness buried in the excrement of on success, prior confusion and supranationalism devolution essay, misdeeds (Nachman of Breslov, M'Shivath Hefesh ). The radical psychotherapist R. D. Laing calls this process regression and progression: If the schizophrenic wishes to spend hours staring at a blank wall, well, then he should be encouraged to essay competitions in india do so; he will eventually break through; after all, when Zen monks do it it's called the search for enlightenment (R.

D, Laing, The Voice of Experience ). In many ways, Jane appears to be further advanced than Rochester in this inner work of regression/progression. Essay? In part, this may be due to the early spiritual guidance of the saintly Helen Burns. We see evidence of and cons of space essay, Jane's increased maturity and compassion in the objective, forgiving way she re-encounters, and masters, those demons of her childhood, the Reeds. Jane has apparently come far in healing the wounds of her old bitterness and anger; this letting go of old grievances is essential if she is to supranationalism devolution move on and grow.

Other events and characters in this novel similarly test Jane's ability to founding essay confront situations reminiscent of supranationalism devolution, childhood conflicts, where she must weather a threatened loss of self in order to emerge with that self chastened, strengthened and renewed. During the and cons of space travel essay, three days she spends homeless and hungry after fleeing from Rochester, she re-experiences the utter aloneness and rootlessness of her early years yet retains her faith in G-d's will; rescued by the Rivers family, she is rewarded by Providence with the elevating discovery of a true kinship--in blood as well as spirit such as she has always longed for but never before known. Her relationships with both Rochester and St. Supranationalism? John Rivers involve Jane in the regression of sexual self- surrender, threatening the america's fathers essay, immersion of her hard-won identity in supranationalism devolution essay theirs. Her refusal to be Rochester's pseudo-wife constitutes Jane's triumph in her most crucial spiritual test, as she makes the wrenching choice between her idolatrous love for him and her belief in G-d. Though her bond with Rochester provides her hardest trial, it also gives her the clarity and strength to successfully avoid what would have been another, probably fatal, snare to in india her self development--the marriage proposal of devolution essay, St.

John Rivers. St. John, too, is stamped with an word for highlight in an essay, inviolate integrity of self, but he sees Jane solely as an instrument for his own ends and acknowledges only those parts of her nature which dovetail with his own designs. It is because she has experienced Rochester's sincere, if flawed, love and appreciation, that Jane is supranationalism essay able to recognize the inadequacy and destructiveness of this proffered bond. Rochester, while yearning for what is good, honest and pure, and attracted to those redemptive qualities in Jane, must overcome the hubris and narcissistic self-indulgence which has goaded him into self-idolatry, placing the gratification of his own desires above the will of G-d.

In his regressive flirtation with Blanche Ingram, reminiscent of his initial attraction to Bertha and another in an, his various mistresses, he re-confirms his preference for inner, rather than outer, beauty in a mate. His desertion by Jane and devolution, the subsequent loss of his arm and eyesight return Rochester to a state of alienation and despair from which only humility and belief in G-d can redeem him. In the end, by placing G-d first in their lives and accepting His chastisement, both Jane and Rochester are rewarded by reunion with one another, their separate salvations of self crowned by the redemption of re- unification on america's founding fathers, a higher level. The sense of supranationalism devolution essay, acceptance and belonging which they experience with one another, and the recognition each feels for long-denied facets of the other's true nature--Rochester for Jane's passion, Jane for Rochester's yearning for honesty and goodness--has helped both to re-connect with their original essential selves. Because the and cons essay, love between Jane and Rochester--despite its darker, inevitable element of devolution essay, power struggle--is rooted in this recognition of, and respect for, each other's true selves. I found the final felicitous resolution of their relationship to be satisfying and essay romeo to blame, acceptable, and was even able to wink and overlook the improbable and melodramatic route that resolution took (though I do wish it could have been reached without the taint of Rochester's disempowerment). There is something moving and beautiful about devolution essay these two people, indefatigably reaching for love: like two trees in a dense, dark forest, bending, twisting and inter-twining to reach an speeches on success and failure, aperture of warm, bright sunlight, more beautiful to my mind than their unblemished brothers.

CIVILIZATION AND ITS DISCONTENTS IN WUTHERING HEIGHTS. By Marsha Beitchman. Our view of supranationalism devolution, nature as a force in need of taming goes hack to prehistoric times when our ancestors recognized the need, for their own survival and the continuation of the on success and failure, species, to supranationalism gain some control over themselves and their environment. Fathers Essay? Paleolithic man was but a small figure in a vast landscape and surely felt a strong sense of vulnerability in regards to the overwhelming odds he faced. Artifacts dating back to this period indicate man's efforts to understand, placate and hopefully subdue the often hostile yet profoundly awe inspiring forces of nature. From these attempts evolved a system of alliances and codes for supranationalism, interaction that we know as civilization. Civilization is based on cooperation. Its success depends on individuals working together for the welfare of the group. It requires a balance between our instinctual needs and desires and the demands placed on us by society.

But not all individuals perform in ways that promote the speeches, general welfare, nor do all of us share equally in the benefits that civilization claims to offer. The powerful forces that reside within us are related to supranationalism devolution essay the elemental forces of nature. Civilization does not transcend or eliminate the underlying violence within each of us, it sublimates it and attempts to on success and failure direct it into devolution essay, socially acceptable outlets. Unfortunately, in the name of justice and self preservation, civilized man has been known to commit atrocities. Wuthering Heights is an attempt to understand and reconcile those natural forces within us with the expectations of society. Heathcliff is an example of the competitions in india, effects of cruelty, deprivation and alienation that are the by products of civilization. His brutality is a direct result of his having been denied the fundamental need for nurturing that children thrive on. Abandoned as a child, uncared for and unloved, he was left to fend for himself in what must have seemed a hostile and frightening world. Constant rejection and humiliation stimulated his desire for revenge.

Having been rejected he in turn rejects the system that spawned him and he sets out to supranationalism destroy it. He attempts to turn the cruelty he experienced back on those whom he feels have wronged him and thereby relieve his own suffering. He substitutes hate for love, violence for peace, and disorder for harmony. He brutally separates those whom he considers his enemies from their comforts and security, their honor, and finally from romeo and juliet who's those for whom they care. Devolution? Unable to accept the need to and cons travel essay control and modify his passions as a means of partaking in the love and acceptance he craves, his efforts leave him lonely and tormented. Devolution Essay? He finds himself no closer to essay the retribution for the love he lost nor the peace of mind for supranationalism essay, which he desperately longed. Heathcliff was an exile and an outsider from the first. On his arrival at Wuthering Heights, Nelly describes him as dirty and ragged, of unknown origins and speaking gibberish. He is immediately regarded as a source of discord.

Catherine's reaction is to spit in speeches on success and failure his face and Nelly leaves him in supranationalism the hall overnight in the hope that he will disappear. Hindley loses no time in expressing his disdain for Heathcliff; bitterly resenting his father's alienation of affection in favor of his imp of Satan, he persecutes Heathcliff relentlessly. Hindley's treatment of Heathcliff, in Nelly's opinion, was enough to make a fiend of a saint. In spite of essay, this adversity Nelly remembers Heathcliff as the gentlest child that was ever watched over. as uncomplaining as a lamb. Heathcliff's relation with Catherine was the only comfort he had. They formed a bond that enabled them to endure the harsh treatment they were subjected to supranationalism essay by Hindley after the death of old Earnshaw, when Hindley became master of Wuthering Heights and vindictively reduced Heathcliff to speeches on success the status of a servant. Turning to each other, Heathcliff and Catherine found acceptance and understanding and they became inseparable until the incident at Thrushcross Grange.

It is here that they get their first taste of the beauty and luxury of cultured life. Catherine is immediately accepted but Heathcliff horrifies the Lintons by his appearance and supranationalism essay, his manners. Upcoming Essay In India? They call him a thief and a gypsy, a wicked boy at supranationalism, all events and quite unfit for a decent house, and Isabella wants the frightful thing to be put in the cellar. Heathcliff returns alone to Wuthering Heights and spends five lonely weeks there while he awaits Catherine's return. Another For Highlight In An? However, on her arrival he perceives an alteration in her attitude toward him. Devolution Essay? When the young Lintons visit the following day, already feeling a sense of rejection for his untamed ways in favor of the of space travel essay, civilized life at the Grange, Heathcliff takes offense at a condescending remark of Edgar's and he sets off a crisis that concludes with Heathcliff's banishment from the festivities. He feels frustration at his inability to compete with Edgar, and he is supranationalism devolution essay furious at Hindley's humiliating treatment, so he begins to plot his revenge. His anger is further aroused when he overhears Catherine's plans to marry Edgar and, overwhelmed by what he interprets as her abandonment of upcoming competitions, him, he impetuously flees the supranationalism devolution essay, moors. On his return, several years later, Heathcliff discovers that Catherine has in fact married Edgar Linton. And Cons Of Space Travel? He grows more vindictive and morose.

The more pain he feels, the more sinister he becomes. He marries Isabella only to torment Edgar, his rival. He destroys what little there is left of Hindley and he takes on the `education' of young Hareton. With Catherine's death Heathcliff's anger and frustration peak and devolution essay, his behavior verges on madness. He is unable to consider a life without his beloved. Another In An Essay? He is incapable of being consoled and he turns before Nelly into a savage beast. He is devolution consumed with an unspeakable sadness and in desperation he retreats from reality. On Success? He is driven on by the desire to essay revenge his loss and alleviate his pain.

In this state of mind Heathcliff forces the marriage of his son Linton and young Cathy and in doing so his efforts to destroy Edgar are finally achieved. Shortly after young Linton succumbs to the brutal treatment he found at his father's hand. But Heathcliff's obsession with Catherine never ceases. For the eighteen years that followed her death he saw her image everywhere, just out of his reach. He confides to Nelly that the entire world is a dreadful collection of and juliet to blame, memoranda that she did exist, and that I have lost her. Her physical appearance is reflected in the faces of young Cathy and Hareton, who eventually find consolation in each other. Their love is so painful a reminder to Heathcliff he can longer abide their presence and he withdraws into his own world.

Close to death he makes a final desperate but unanswered plea for compassion and with this last rejection he dies a broken hearted and tormented soul. Devolution? With Heathcliff's death order returns to Wuthering Heights, and with the union of Cathy and Hareton comes a rebirth of the essay, ideals of peace and harmony on essay, which civilization is based. There can be no doubt as to Heathcliff's inhuman brutality and the deliberate pain and destruction he causes to those he despises. He is not alone, however, in his cruelty. As old Joseph says, there is something of the other in all of us, and with few exceptions the characters in this novel share to some extent a degree of baby essays, self absorbing pride and a disdain for what they consider to be threats to their own security and devolution, happiness that proves to be destructive. It is romeo to blame interesting to note one of the cruelest scenes in the novel is devolution Lockwood's dream, in word for highlight which he savagely drags the arm of supranationalism, Catherine's ghost over the broken window pane as she pleads for help. Lockwood has been treated rudely by his hosts earlier in the evening and his suppression of the fear and anger aroused by his humiliation is brutally awakened in his dream.

Beneath Lockwood's civilized demeanor lies the brutality that Heathcliff is unable or unwilling to control. In Edgar Linton we find a sheltered, pampered and for highlight essay, indulged youngster who grows into a rather self satisfied man, dependent on supranationalism devolution, others for his own protection. His wealth, education and position bring him security, comfort and america's founding, respect, but his seclusion gives him a limited understanding of the feelings and needs of those less fortunate than he. Edgar has mastered the superficial graces of civilized life but he is snobbish and often insensitive to supranationalism those he feels threatened by, and his claims to superiority are offensive and cruel. Edgar's hatred and jealousy of Heathcliff are at first subdued by Catherine. But the knowledge that the low ruffian, whose presence is a moral poison that would contaminate the most virtuous, has a hold on his wife, leads Edgar to strike Heathcliff with the violence and brutality that Nelly says would have leveled a slighter man. Hastily retreating from the scene he leaves his armed servants to eject the offensive blackguard. Neither his education nor his civilized upbringing could restrain his passion and in his effort to separate Heathcliff and Catherine he deals the blow that leads to her illness and finally to her death.

Edgar's condemnation of Isabella is equally tyrannical. He regards his sister's marriage to Heathcliff as the act of a traitor and he selfishly abandons her without a second thought. She is even excluded from Catherine's funeral and is forced to live out her days separated from her family and he friends. Another Word For Highlight? Only on her death does Edgar show her any compassion. In young Linton Heathcliff we also see signs of self indulgence and insensitivity to devolution others. Upcoming? He whines and complains at the merest provocation. Frail and timid he is unable to withstand Heathcliff's onslaught and the harshness of the Heights itself. He selfishly and essay, cowardly entraps Cathy in his father's scheme and unsympathetically sides with Heathcliff, who torments her.

He looks forward to his uncle's death when he would become master of Thrushcross Grange, a dream that would never be fulfilled. Ironically it is young Cathy that remains at young Linton's side until his death. She and Hareton are the sole survivors of Heathcliff's rage. They alone are able to accept and transcend their differences. They grow to love and respect one another and thereby find the to blame, balance needed to reestablish the peace and harmony that eluded their elders.

Civilization exacts a price from its members. Essay? Some individuals, for reasons intrinsic to america's founding fathers essay society itself, pay more dearly than others. Supranationalism? They become unwilling or unable to abide by essay competitions its rules! They allow themselves to be governed by their fears and their passions and commit acts that lead to a breakdown in the social system. Students of psychology recognize that those who are made miserable tend to make others miserable. Heathcliff represents the anger and devolution essay, cruelty that can be produced by a system that claims superiority over untamed nature but can often be just as brutal and inhumane. HUCK FINN'S HERO JOURNEY. In his book The Hero With a Thousand Faces , Joseph Campbell sets forth his theory that there is a monomyth which underlies all folk tales, myths, legends and even dreams.* Reflected in the tales of upcoming competitions in india, all cultures, including Chinese, Hindu, American Indian, Irish and devolution, Eskimo, this monomyth takes the form of a physical journey which the speeches on success, protagonist (or hero) must undergo in order to get to a new emotional, spiritual and psychological place.

The monomyth is essay a guide which integrates all of the forces of life and america's founding fathers, provides a map for living. Campbell breaks down the cycle into three main stages: departure, initiation and return. Within these three stages are five to six steps through which the hero moves. First, the hero must leave his world and undertake a journey into an unknown world, in effect losing himself and descending into death. Next, he undergoes a series of tests, assisted by supranationalism devolution essay various helpers, which can be very dangerous and threatening. These tests serve as guideposts in his journey, and from each the hero learns something which helps to move him along. Finally, the hero reaches the apex of his journey, where there*is an apotheosis or transcendence.

The hero, having evolved and emerged into his best possible self, must return home carrying with him his new found knowledge or boon to restore the world. First, Huck as the hero is not of noble birth whereas most of Campbell's protagonists are princes, princesses or divinely chosen in some way. While Huck Finn is special, he is, nevertheless, an ordinary American boy which other American boys can identify with. Secondly, magic and the supernatural play an important role in the tales Campbell uses to illustrate the hero cycle. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn , however, there is no magic. There is luck, coincidence (at times highly unlikely coincidence), but there is anchor baby essays no magic or supernatural.

This again brings the supranationalism devolution, story to anchor a level that Americans can identify with. Finally, Huck's return is of a different nature than the traditional journey which reflects a particularly American ideal. Huck Finn's adventure begins when he sees his father's footprint in the snow. Up to this point, Huck describes his daily, routine life, but the essay, footprint signals a change. Huck's father functions, therefore, as the herald signaling the competitions in india, call to adventure by the crisis of supranationalism essay, his appearance (Campbell, 51). As Campbell states: The herald or announcer of the adventure is often dark, loathly, or terrifying, judged evil by the world; yet if one could follow, the way would be opened through the walls of day into the dark where the founding, jewels glow (Campbell, 53). Huck's father is portrayed as dark (morally, not physically), loathly, terrifying and he is indeed judged evil by the world, but it also he who precipitates Huck's journey. When Huck's father moves him into the woods, Huck is in the first stages of essay, his journey. He is anchor baby away from all that is familiar to him and the longer Huck remains in the woods, the more he adjusts to the ways of life there. He cannot imagine going back to civilization, wearing stiff clothes, minding his manners and all the other ways he has acquired living with the Widow Douglas.

According to essay Campbell, this alienation from speeches on success his previous life is part of the cycle: The familiar life horizon has been outgrown; the old concepts, ideals, and emotional patterns no longer fit; the time for the passing of a threshold is at hand (Campbell, 51). Huck's next step in his journey is what Campbell calls The Belly of the Whale: The hero . Supranationalism Essay? . . is swallowed into the unknown, and would appear to have died (Campbell, 90 ). In order to proceed, the hero must leave his world totally and die into himself in order to be reborn again. He must relinquish his ties with this world in speeches on success order to attain a higher level of existence, which is the supranationalism essay, purpose of his journey. Because Huck fears for who's to blame, his safety, he realizes that he must leave the woods. Supranationalism Devolution? Yet he does not want to return to his previous life. Therefore, he elaborately stages his own death, planning every detail carefully so that everyone will think he is essay who's to blame dead and will not, therefore, look for him and supranationalism devolution, bring him back to and cons of space essay the existence he has outgrown. This self-annihilation is absolutely crucial for the journey. After his death, Huck floats down to Jackson's Island and spends three days and supranationalism, three nights by himself (reinforcing the theme of death and rebirth) before the next stage of his journey. Here, Huck meets up with Jim who is on success and failure what Campbell refers to as Supernatural Aid: The first encounter of the hero-journey is with a protective figure (often a little old crone or old man) who provides the adventurer with amulets against the dragon forces he is about to pass (Campbell, 69).

The fact that the aid often comes from a little old crone or an old man suggests that it comes from someone whom society does not value. To have someone whom society does not value provide essential elements to the journey is ironic. As the provider of supernatural aid to Huck, Jim, a 19th century black man, is devolution not valued in human terms by his society. Pros And Cons Travel? Indeed, he is not even thought of as human, which further heightens this irony. While Jim does not literally provide Huck with amulets against the dragon forces, figuratively, he does. As Campbell states: what such a figure represents is the supranationalism, benign, protecting power of destiny (Campbell, 71). Jim cares for essay competitions in india, and protects Huck, nurtures him and loves him, both mothers and fathers him, calling him honey and watching out for his safety.

Most importantly, however, Jim provides Huck with a belief in humanity, where all along the river Huck sees evidence of supranationalism devolution, man's corruption and cruelty. This belief is the amulet with which with Huck will fight off the dragon forces, those forces being man's inhumanity to man. The Crossing of the First Threshold comes after Huck has learned that two men are on their way to the island. Up to this point, Jim and Huck exist in a kind of limbo, both having escaped their previous lives, but not going forward. At this point, they must move. Jim risks being captured and sold; Huck risks a return to travel the life he has outgrown.

They must cross the threshold into the region of the unknown. Although this crossing is dangerous, the hero must move beyond it in order to enter a new zone of experience (Campbell, 82). At this point Huck, as the supranationalism devolution, hero, moves into the second stage of his journey of initiation. It is here where he encounters the Road of Trials: Once having traversed the threshold, the hero moves in a dream landscape of curiously fluid, ambiguous forms, where he must survive a succession of trials . . . . The hero is covertly aided by the advice, amulets, and secret agents of the supernatural helper whom he met before his entrance into essay competitions, this region. (Campbell, 97). These trials are tests for the hero which he must overcome in order to move forward in his journey.

They serve as guideposts along the way, reflecting his progress and growth. By surviving these trials, the hero moves to a point of transcendence. The purpose of the trials is to gain some kind of knowledge or insight which the hero needs in supranationalism essay order to complete his journey. This leads to the question: what is the purpose of Huck's journey? Every episode along the river in some way illustrates man's inhumanity to another for highlight in an man. Meeting every walk of supranationalism devolution, life, Huck's confrontation with this world illustrates cruelty and and juliet, corruption of some kind. Essay? While some characters are obviously corrupt (the king and the duke, for example), all characters are tainted somehow. Even the most charitable characters--the woman Huck meets while dressed as a girl, the Grangerfords, the Phelps, Mary Jane--are tainted by their attitudes toward blacks or towards other people in general.

However, Huck's exposure to society's corruption is balanced by the kindness he receives from america's essay certain people and by the humanity he learns from Jim. As a product of his society, Huck believes in slavery and also believes he is doing wrong by protecting Jim. But Huck comes to see Jim's own humanity through their friendship. Jim tells Huck that he is the best and only friend he has, the only white man who has kept his promise to him. Jim's belief in Huck's goodness is essential to Huck's physical as well as psychological journey. Devolution Essay? This relationship teaches Huck about caring for another human being in the face of ubiquitous cruelty. This is the more elevated purpose of Huck's journey. Huck learns the anchor, techniques for humane survival--how to exist in the cruel world and not be corrupted by it. Huck's trials finally come to a crisis when the king and the duke are attempting to swindle the Wilks girls out of their inheritance. Up until this point, Huck has remained rather passive with regard to their antics. Disgusted by their behavior, however, Huck exclaims: It was enough to make a body ashamed of the human race (Twain, 285).

He decides that he must take some action and devolution, his dilemma is over how to help the and cons of space travel, girls. Previously, Huck has lied to survive but here he realizes that his best option may be to tell the truth. This is a moment of essay, transcendence for Huck as he rises above his experience of the past and takes a chance in telling the on success and failure, truth: here's a case where I'm blest if it don't look to me like the truth is better, and actually safer, than a lie (Twain, 299). This test also melds with what Campbell calls The meeting With the Goddess. Because Huck is only a boy, there will be no mystical marriage with the Universal Mother, the essay, incarnation of the promise of perfection. This is not to be a part of Huck's journey. Anchor Baby? Yet Mary Jane does inspire Huck. He finds her beautiful and it is because of her that he risks telling the truth and, consequently, he reaches a new level. It is obvious that she has a positive effect on him which propels him in his journey. Huck's description as he flees the cemetery and passes her house reveals this: [M]y heart swelled up sudden, like to bust; and the same second the house and all was behind me in the dark, and supranationalism devolution essay, wasn't ever going to upcoming essay competitions in india be before me no more in supranationalism essay this world. She was the best girl I ever see and had the most sand (Twain, 309).

For Campbell, the Apotheosis occurs when the pros and cons essay, hero is raised to the level of the gods. Supranationalism? It is who's a divine state which the hero attains after proving himself through his trials. Because this story is not about gods or mythic figures, Huck's apotheosis is reflected through his transcendence over supranationalism, his dilemma about Jim. Huck really believes he is doing wrong by helping Jim because of what he has learned in society. He even writes a letter to of space travel essay Miss Watson, revealing Jim's location. But Huck begins to think about Jim and his kindness, loyalty and friendship. He must choose between listening to the voice of society or his inner voice, which values Jim. He cannot violate the connection he has with Jim.

However, because Huck really believes he is supranationalism doing wrong by society's standards, it is a true moment of transcendence for essay and juliet to blame, him when he declares: All right, then, I'll go to supranationalism devolution essay hell (Twain, 309). Rising above the conventions and the level of society around him, Huck has attained a higher moral consciousness. The next stage in another word in an Huck's journey is The Return. After deciding to devolution help Jim, Huck finds himself at the Phelps' farm, where they mistake him for their nephew, Tom Sawyer. This is the and failure, beginning of the Crossing of the Return Threshold because Huck is devolution essay now back in a world which directly connects to the world he left behind.

Tom and Huck's attempt to baby essays rescue Jim is The Magic Flight. This is the last test, one of the purposes of supranationalism devolution essay, Huck's journey being to free Jim. Campbell states that the Magic Flight can often become a lively, often comical, pursuit . . . Pros Of Space? complicated by marvels of magical obstruction and evasion (Campbell, 197). Devolution Essay? Again, the story does not involve magic, but the attempt to rescue Jim otherwise fits Campbell's description (even if the obstructions are for the most part created by Tom). Something interesting happens with the appearance of baby, Tom. Huck has always looked up to Tom as the standard by which he measures himself. Yet Huck has been on devolution, a journey which has raised him above that standard. Curiously, when Tom reappears, Huck recedes, becoming passive. Another In An? On the first reading, this section comes across as digressive from the normal hero cycle (and somewhat disjointed). It seems out of place with Huck's progression. But it can be reevaluated as a part of Huck's journey in that it serves to heighten the disparity between the two boys and, in doing so, we see Huck's growth.

Huck still looks up to Tom, but he is not like Tom and does not use Tom as his model. He even calls Tom ridiculous and foolish, which is very different from his attitude towards Tom in supranationalism devolution essay the opening pages of the book where Tom is someone admired and respected. In this section, we see by comparison to Huck how conventional, ordinary, unimaginative and even cruel Tom is. All of Tom's ideas come from books; Huck develops his ideas himself. Upcoming Essay? Tom's idea of style is to make his plans as complicated as possible and take as long as possible; Huck's solutions are always straight forward, simple and reveal his common sense.

Tom even plays a trick on the slave who serves Jim which is reminiscent of the trick that Huck plays on Jim after the fog episode. However, at this point in his journey, Huck would never do this. Sometimes the hero is supranationalism devolution essay unable to return on his own. At this point, the Rescue From Without occurs: The hero may have to be brought back from his supernatural adventure by assistance from without. Anchor Essays? That is to say, the world may have to come and get him (Campbell, 207).

Huck is indeed rescued from without by the Phelps, Tom and Aunt Polly. In an supranationalism, unlikely coincidence, they all appear as a deus ex machina whose appearance isn't logical but serves to bring Huck back. Huck's return is complete when the Phelps discover his identity and Huck learns that Jim is free. Huck also learns that his father is dead (releasing him from pros and cons of space that legacy) and he still has his $6,000. There is a resurrection of his old self. Supranationalism? Here, however, Huck's return digresses from the normal cycle. Campbell states: the returning hero, to complete his adventure, must survive the in india, impact of the supranationalism essay, world (Campbell, 226). It is founding essay hard to say whether Huck accomplishes this. The monomythic hero, after attaining the Ultimate Boon, returns to his community and supranationalism essay, bestows his wisdom and knowledge for romeo and juliet to blame, the good the kingdom of humanity. Supranationalism Essay? Huck will not return to the Widow Douglas and he will not stay with the america's founding essay, Phelps.

He rejects their world and he doesn't want to be civilized. It seems as if he can't survive the essay, impact of the world. But rather than a failed hero journey, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn reflects a particularly American hero quest, the individualistic man going west, with all the inherent dangers involved, a pioneer taming and settling the land. Rather than returning for his old world, Huck's quest is to explore new territories. * Joseph Campbell, The Hero With a Thousand Faces (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1973). All further references to this work appear in parentheses in the text.

** Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in The American Tradition in Literature , ed. George Perkins, et al. (New York: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 1990). All further references to this work appear in parentheses in upcoming competitions in india the text. THE VERLOCS AT THEIR FINAL ENCOUNTER. The Verloc murder scene depicts the reactions of two people to a crisis situation. It is a significant scene in terms of revealing basic personality traits and in terms of supranationalism devolution essay, highlighting the and juliet who's, fragmentation that exists in the Verloc marriage. Conrad makes obvious that the Verlocs perceive their marital roles in fundamentally different ways and supranationalism devolution essay, that they are really strangers to each other. The black veil covering Winnie's face is merely the outward symbol of the secrecy and mystery pervading the and failure, Verloc household. Significantly, when Verloc pulls the veil away, he doesn't succeed in unmasking a still unreadable face (p. Essay? 211). As this scene of betrayal and in an, retribution unfolds, we see a husband and wife who are totally out of tune with each other's emotions and thoughts.

Verloc is thoroughly enveloped in domestic considerations at precisely the time that Winnie psychologically disengages herself from any commitment to him. In progressive stages, Winnie perceives herself as being a free woman (p. 209), fears that Verloc will want to keep her for nothing (p. 211), and finally resolves that the bargain is at supranationalism, an end (p. 215).

Verloc, on the other hand, strives to make it up with her (p. 215) and can't begin to imagine that his wife could give him up (p. Travel Essay? 211). The height of irony is achieved when Verloc seeks to woo Winnie as she moves toward him with the carving knife. It becomes clear that Winnie has looked upon supranationalism devolution the marriage as a transaction, and that Stevie's welfare has been the basis for that transaction.

In return for Verloc's support of Stevie, Winnie has been a dutiful wife. Upcoming Essay Competitions? Verloc, however, genuinely believes that he is and supranationalism, has been loved for himself (p. 214). Given his superficial notion of marriage, he just assumes that any woman who married him must love him and that nothing could change that fact. Therefore, although the bargain has been brutally terminated for Winnie, Verloc has no conception of america's, this and his main concern remains the devolution, maintenance of who's, his domestic tranquility. Indeed, Verloc's thorough domesticity is supranationalism devolution prevalent throughout this scene. His response to essay competitions in india what he considers to be Winnie's sulking in that dreadful overcharged silence (p. 213) is supranationalism devolution essay that she's a master in that domestic art (p. 213). Essay Competitions In India? Conrad describes Verloc as being tired and resigned in a truly marital spirit (p.

213) and even refers to his voice as a domestic voice (p. 212). Also, it is implicit that Verloc perceives his situation as being comparable to that of peaceful men in domestic tiffs (p. 212). His total domesticity leads him to draw simplistic, familiar conclusions and colors his reading of supranationalism, Winnie's response. Beyond that, however, his preoccupation with his domestic self-image is so strongly stressed here, that we have to assume that it has colored much of his activity in general and that it is essay very central to supranationalism essay his personality structure. (Thus, it is a final irony that he should be murdered by his wife and essay romeo and juliet who's, with a domestic knife.) Verloc is so totally preoccupied with his own concerns and is so shallow and insensitive, that he doesn't begin to comprehend the horror of his action or the shattering effect it has had on Winnie. Verloc is portrayed as being emotionally flat in this scene.

He undergoes no inner or outer turmoil and there's no sense of vitality about him. Here is a man who faces his wife after causing her brother to supranationalism devolution be blown to bits, and upcoming competitions, we get no sense of essay, any intensity of feeling from him. He manifests no remorse--just regret that things didn't work out according to another for highlight in an plan--and instead concentrates on essay, self-justifications. His main sensation seems to be fatigue and we get a sense of essay, his indolence as his lies sprawled across the couch. Conrad adds his usual ironic touch by having Verloc meet his death lying motionlessly: he dies, as he has lived, in a state of inertia. Winnie, on the other hand, is described as one whose moral nature had been subjected to a shock of which, in the physical order, the most violent earthquake of history could only be a faint and languid rendering (p. 210). That analogy describes the devolution essay, magnitude of word, her emotional upheaval, and supranationalism, lies in sharp contrast to Verloc's unfeeling and inert state. A dichotomy exists, however, between Winnie's internal turmoil and her quiet exterior.

The two are fragmented and out of tune with each other. She doesn't scream or get hysterical. All the activity is internal. Outwardly she remains inscrutable and speeches and failure, uncommunicative and she retains tight control on supranationalism devolution essay, any show of emotion. We get a picture here of a woman who has a very intense emotional capacity, but who, characteristically, keeps her feelings locked tightly within her. For a short while, Winnie does attain a harmonious state. A change comes over her appearance as she moves toward Verloc with the carving knife in her hand. Baby? She takes on supranationalism devolution essay, Stevie's facial expressions and Conrad writes that the resemblance of her face with that of her brother grew at every step, even to the droop of the lower lip, even to speeches and failure the slight divergence of the devolution essay, eyes (p.

215). This may reflect the upcoming competitions in india, strong hold that Stevie still has over his sister. But more significantly, I think, it unmasks the cold, dispassionate facade that Winnie has learned to present. As she commits the murder, Winnie becomes a total creature of passion and the fragmentation between her interior and exterior states disappears. She becomes like Stevie who has an instinctive emotional reaction to an injustice and who must move to supranationalism devolution essay correct it. For a few moments, her veil of restraint falls away. Conrad describes Winnie as being capable of a bargain the mere suspicion of which would have been infinitely shocking to Mr.

Verloc's idea of love (p. 213). This description reflects the different expectations the Verlocs have from marriage and how little they know about each other. They live in their separate worlds, are guided by different and fathers, unspoken motivations, and seek to have their own needs fulfilled through their marriage. Neither seems concerned or even aware that the other has needs and priorities too. Each seems to view marriage through a tunnel vision--only aware of his or her own perspective. The Verlocs remain isolated from supranationalism devolution essay each other and unable to communicate until the very end. Even when the and cons travel, truth stares them in the face, the Verlocs remain oblivious to it. Winnie gives no sign of comprehension when Verloc tells her that she shares responsibility for what's happened. Essay? Verloc never shows the slightest understanding of Winnie or the reason for her violent response. Even when the speeches, knife is upon him, the only explanation this man can conjure up is that his wife has gone raving mad (p.

216). The Verloc marriage is enveloped in secrecy and misunderstandings. Using progressive strokes of irony, Conrad depicts the destructive nature and tragic consequences of supranationalism essay, a relationship based on hidden motives and cross-purposes.